Promote your Coaching or Speaking Business Through eBooks

Written by Judy Cullins

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EBooks help your coaching business because you can giverepparttar very short ones away when people subscribe to your eNewsletter. Your ezine helps promote both your eBooks and your services. Even if you don't have your own Web site, you can sell eBooks on other sites. Many pay up to 70% royalties-a much better deal than Amazon.

Use The "Big Three" Marketing Machine

1. Write or use short articles already in your files. Subscribe and submit them to Opt-in Ezines. 2. Expand several articles to become an eSpecial Report, or eBook as some call them. You can give these away also, and you can also charge $4.95-$7.95 for them. 3. Write your short eBook including a short introduction (sales letter), table of contents, a simple cover, and applyrepparttar 108478 essential "hot selling points" likerepparttar 108479 30-60 second "Tell and Sell."

In each of these include all of your promotion information, your list of other products, your announcement about your coaching services, your one-page for speaking, and an order page with instructions that make it easy to "buy".

Attract And Keep Long-Term Clients

Using this trio, you will attract many more people to your Web site, to your talks, seminars and teleclasses. You will attract new clients as well as new subscribers to your ezine. Inrepparttar 108480 long run, you will create a business easy and fun to operate. You'll create even more client loyalty and trust while building your reputation. And you create an ongoing, lifelong income-enough to keep you sound and secure in any economic situation.

Want proof this system works? Write inrepparttar 108481 subject line: Free "Quadruple your Sales in Four Months" eSpecial Report and email to

Judy Cullins, Book and Web site Coach eBook: Quadruple Web Sales: The Key is in the Copy New Discount Teleclass: "Discounts of the Month" at Send an email to The Book Coach Says includes 2 free eReports Ph./Fax: 619/466-0622

Ebooks for Profit and Publicity

Written by Cameron Gikandi

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Writing is just 10% ofrepparttar job involved. Most ofrepparttar 108477 work,repparttar 108478 90%, comes in when it comes to getting people to know about your ebook. Like any other business, marketing is 90% ofrepparttar 108479 job. Fortunately, it is extremely easy and affordable to market books and ebooks if you know exactly what to do.

Only a small percentage of all books published are sold in book shops! Yes,repparttar 108480 vast majority of books and ebooks are sold outside of bookshops! This is probablyrepparttar 108481 most surprising thing to new authors. So where are they sold? Well, they are sold in dozens of places, including:

Online Book clubs Corporations Book clubs Associations and foundations Retail outlets Specialty shops Direct mail Catalogs Libraries In cross-promotions Inrepparttar 108482 incentives marketplace Packaged together with complimentary products And dozens of other places!

However, getting reviews byrepparttar 108483 top reviewers andrepparttar 108484 press isrepparttar 108485 single most cost effective and powerful way of getting sales for your books and ebooks. First of all,repparttar 108486 reviews will get you publicity and drive retail and wholesale sales your way. Also, when you do getrepparttar 108487 reviews, quote those reviews on your book cover, your web site, your press releases, your sales materials, when you ask for more reviews, and whenever you tell people about your book orally or in print. Reviews greatly increase your book sales by increasingrepparttar 108488 confidence people have in your book. People are often skeptical and will not trust you straight away until they see that many people already do trust you and your work. Reviews inrepparttar 108489 press also get you plenty of publicity. And finally, most wholesalers and libraries depend on reviews to figure out what books they shall buy. So use reviews and testimonials extensively!

But donít stop there. There are hundreds of places and ways you can sell your book. For many books, bookstores only account for less than 10% of their sales. Yes, even best-sellers! Publishing a book truly makes you into a marketing expert because you simply have to sell, sell, sell. But worry not, for it is easy. Be willing to learn from people who know how to sell books and you will find it easy. Fortunately, there is plenty of material out there that shows you exactly how to sell books. Get into it! it could berepparttar 108490 best thing you have done for yourself recently!

David Cameron Gikandi CEO and author of Over 135 Proven Ways to Dramatically and Successfully Sell Your Books and eBooks Online and Offline.

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