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Written by Judy Cullins

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Inrepparttar meantime, I set up my computer files with articles to submit, added new publishing addresses into my book so I could just push a button and send to many thousands of subscribers.

Whilerepparttar 125071 saying goes that we should promote 90%, I decided that I could spend less time on promotion.

I now had my virtual marketing machine. My new Web site's sales in August were only $75, and by December they were $2265.

That proved to me that these new efforts were worth their small time and price (nothing).

I realized that withoutrepparttar 125072 right promotion, those useful products, teleclasses, and services would remain mainly untapped. I rememberrepparttar 125073 old days when author friends suffered after spending thousands of dollars and many hours of time only to see few results. I wanted to leave that picture behind.

Another advantage of submitting articles to ePublishers is that you don't have much competition in cyberspace. So many businesses are Online, and every one of them needs inspiration, information, and entertainment. Opportunities abound for you who coach and speak in personal growth, business, career, and other subjects.

Remember, it's free information that gets people to know who you are. It turns out it's not who you know, it's who knows you. Submitting your free articles answerrepparttar 125074 call.

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"The Potential of Publishing your Own Ezine"

Written by Justin Blake

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You won't have to pay .01 to .25 and up onrepparttar dollar per address. You already ownrepparttar 125070 list !! :-)

Many of my fellow publishers and marketers reading this right now already know this and are focusing all of your efforts to gaining subscribers. But there are some of you who don't realizerepparttar 125071 potential your ezine/newsletter has for making you a living on-line.

If you wish to acquire a respectable reputation as a known marketing, dieting, taxidermy guru then you must publish your own ezine/newsletter.

I know many of us fellow publishers ( including myself ) occasionally have a hard time either findingrepparttar 125072 time or thinking of an interesting topic to send out every week.

This should never stop you from publishing an ezine/newsletter. You can always find someone out there who would love for you to publish an article(s) they have written. In exchange for using there content all you have to do is allow them to post a small ad about themselves or their product, ezine etc. atrepparttar 125073 end or beginning of their article.

Here are a few article directories to help get you started:


I know there have been times when either I didn't have enough time to write an entire ezine, or just wanted to trade articles with someone else as a promotion for our ezine's.

With thousands of other publishers practically begging you to add their article in your next issue you really have no excuse to not have your own ezine/newsletter.

( After you reach 1000 subscribers you can start to charge for advertising positions or promote your own affilliate programs.

Price per position ofrepparttar 125074 ad will vary depending on demand for your ad space andrepparttar 125075 number of your subscribers. )

Once you have this little time saving technique mastered you can start to write a few of your own articles.

After you master writing your own articles you can becomerepparttar 125076 publisher submitting your articles to other ezine/newsletters which isrepparttar 125077 most cost efficiant way ( free :-) to promote your website or newsletter to thousands of new prospects.

This is what I would like to see all of my fellow publishers doing.....becoming an article submitter. :-)

You will soon realize publishing your own ezine/newsletter is fun and exciting, not a boring chore.

Wishing you success ( and a larger list :-),

Justin Blake - publisher Secret Ezine Publishing Tips Guaranteed to Increase your Subscription Request List

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