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Written by Quentin Brown

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Lets face it in times gone by if someone wanted to listen to a certain broadcast onrepparttar radio they had to tune in at a specific time on a specific day. With most people leading busy and hectic lives this is not always possible and so savvy producers and Internet webmasters are now producing certain popular shows and allowing their listeners access 24/7. What makes Radio, Radio.

The aural elements we take for granted and don't think about.

Below are auditory elements we hear every time we listen to commercial radio. They all can be produced easily with sound editing software, royalty free music, pro audio mics and sound cards, Add some creative energy and you can have an internet radio station broadcasting your creative content torepparttar 131679 world. Listen to become familiar withrepparttar 131680 examples ofrepparttar 131681 aural elements of radio.

Below is listed examples of radio style audio production you can create yourself to make your niche station

Advertiser Jingles Station Call Letter IDs Sweepers - Bumpers Production Music Beds Voice overs Interviews - Talk radio Advertisers commercials

Niche Internet radio station examples online now.

- All lawyers radio

All soul music radio

- All fitness radio

What is a great solution to host an internet radio station?

Flash isrepparttar 131682 best technology to stream archived audio overrepparttar 131683 web because it isrepparttar 131684 most common cross platform player, period. Real Media and Windows Media arerepparttar 131685 formats that allow live streaming, but I focused on archived, on demand audio in this article. The easiest method for hosting internet radio content is

You can do it all withrepparttar 131686 right equipment,repparttar 131687 right production software and a little learning curve, all available from Hear you onrepparttar 131688 Internet!

Quentin Brown is the owner of MP3 Sound Stream and has been an Internet Marketer for the past 8 years. His new site goes through the process of producing your own Internet Radio Show.

Increase Your PageRank on Google

Written by Jamie Ratliff

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4.) Get listed in other engines. Submit to Yahoo, DMOZ, and others. Again, be patient as it might take some time before your site gets listed.

We all know that a higher ranking means more revenue, but we should also beware of abusing our websites torepparttar point of being removed from Google. I would much rather have a lower pagerank and work hard to get an honest higher pagerank than to cheat and risk losing a google listed website.

I have a website that I personally use for submission to some ofrepparttar 131677 major search engines. Feel free to submit your website for free at:

Jamie Ratliff is a designer / owner of Victoria Technology. Please feel free to re-publish this article provided this reference box remains together with a hyperlink to

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