Project Management 101

Written by Robert Flanglin

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Techniques for Project Management

Project management usually involves setting up a timetable. There are pre-determined goals that need to be met at certain times. Ideally,repparttar project is well organized so thatrepparttar 145565 manufacturer and/or business can plan onrepparttar 145566 project being completed at a certain time. Project management aims at being efficient, and still producing high quality. By setting specific dates and havingrepparttar 145567 entire project sometimes over-seen by a project manager generally makes employees work more efficiently.

The project manager isrepparttar 145568 single most important part of project management. The project manager makes sure that everything inrepparttar 145569 project is moving smoothly. He or she is usually very organized and makes sure thatrepparttar 145570 employees meetrepparttar 145571 requirements atrepparttar 145572 specified time intervals. Project managers usually haverepparttar 145573 most accurate idea ofrepparttar 145574 project destination.


Project management may not be a terribly difficult concept to understand, but it is very important. In any business (especially manufacturers) completing a product or reaching a goal isrepparttar 145575 life-blood of that business. Project management serves to insure that everyone working on a project is onrepparttar 145576 same page and understandsrepparttar 145577 goals and timetable. Project management is also an ongoing process throughoutrepparttar 145578 entire project. Project managers serve to ensure that projects run smoothly and are completed efficiently.

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Collaboration Software: Index of Collaboration Software Technologies

Written by Joe Miller

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Digital Signature is a signature appended to e-mails sent back and forth with draft attachments duringrepparttar collaboration process that informsrepparttar 145564 user which draft it is and by whom it was saved. Findingrepparttar 145565 latest version of a document is very simple to track.

Version History ties everything together by presenting a visual flowchart outliningrepparttar 145566 “genealogy” ofrepparttar 145567 document. Each draft is accounted for, andrepparttar 145568 who, what, when, where, and why ofrepparttar 145569 document and its drafts are always answered.

Merge is usuallyrepparttar 145570 final and most difficult step of document collaboration. However, adoptingrepparttar 145571 right collaboration software simplifies this process by allowing you to comparerepparttar 145572 changes in a document, even when those changes are saved in different locations or in your email account. Merging documents is often synonymous with sifting through document chaos, but collaboration software suites which can manage ad hoc business collaboration simplifyrepparttar 145573 tracking and merging of document drafts.


Businesses move quickly, and collaboration software needs to be able to keep up. Business collaboration can be a messy ad hoc process, and collaboration software needs to be able to manage it. Merging business documents can be confusing and chaotic, and collaboration software needs to be able to simplify it. Digital Thread Technology, Digital Signature, and Version History are technologies that have combined to find a way to workrepparttar 145574 way businesses do.

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