Profit from Your Idea

Written by Diane Garrod

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Resource planning. List allrepparttar resources you'll need to developrepparttar 109030 idea into reality. Visualize its completion. How will you get there? Usingrepparttar 109031 answers torepparttar 109032 questions you asked inrepparttar 109033 definition phase above, set a timeline and a strategy for implementation and put this plan into an outline format or a project planning software tool. Or do another brainstorming session.

Will It Fly?

How will you know your idea planning has been successful? Fromrepparttar 109034 work you did inrepparttar 109035 building phase above, you should have enough information to come up withrepparttar 109036 following:

A value proposition. What benefit will your idea bring to your potential customers? To your company?

A format description. Just by pulling togetherrepparttar 109037 basic structure of your idea, you'll be able to consolidate it into a format that describesrepparttar 109038 idea in detail.

A promotion strategy. Your previous work will help you identifyrepparttar 109039 steps you need to take to promote your idea, and you can brainstorm strategies that will dorepparttar 109040 best job. This part takes thought, research and focus.

Remember, right aroundrepparttar 109041 time you have an idea, someone else will haverepparttar 109042 same one. Who will berepparttar 109043 first to develop it -- and sell it?

Diane's online specialty is digital marketing. She is CEO of LocoNotion Idea Studios, Inc. (, a web development firm. She has years of prior experience in broadcast media, but has spent last nine year working online. She is located in corporate headquarters, Seattle, Washington.


Written by Bill Rosoman

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Other Sites

5/ Training utor

There is a heap of online info for how to dorepparttar websites, CGI etc. Not only www sites but newsgroups and lists.

6/ Information

We use Google search engine and ask allrepparttar 109029 time to find stuff or answers to problems - of allrepparttar 109030 search engines very comprehensive info... and handy!

NOTE: Things are changing very fast, daily, onrepparttar 109031 WWW with many free resources no longer free. The policies of some ofrepparttar 109032 web sites mentioned in this article may have changed since this article was written.

The final part (Part Three) of this series will follow.

I hope this article may be helpful to you getting started in e-commerce with a minimal budget.

Bill Rosoman has been involved with computers for over 20 years (and even e-mail for most of them - since 1985!). He is close friend and the "technical associate" of author, Craig Lock. He developed Craig's original and internationally known online creative course:

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