Profit From Home After 40 - Do You Qualify?

Written by Michael Roberts

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J. Paul Getty once said, “I’d rather have 1% of a hundred peoples efforts that 100% of my own.” This, my friend, isrepparttar key torepparttar 117238 accumulation of wealth. When you help others succeed, you can make money from their efforts. THE MOST POWERFUL WEALTH ACCUMULATION STRATEGY IN THE UNIVERSE!

TIME REQUIREMENT: 10 hours a week. If you cannot carve out 10 hours a week to invest in your family’s future, it is doubtful that you can succeed in a home-based business. TIME invested NOW will providerepparttar 117239 chance to securerepparttar 117240 financial success you desire that can be passed on to successive generations.

I am willing to sharerepparttar 117241 opportunities that are working for me. After due diligence, I believe these companies offerrepparttar 117242 tools and stability required to achieve my goals. I feel an obligation to share this TIME consuming knowledge to those that are willing to step out. People who are ready to make a change in their lives. Those that want more than trading hours for dollars.

If you think you qualify to become a member of my team, I invite you to visitrepparttar 117243 Internet component of my business plan. I am seeking hard working, dedicated, goal oriented individuals to mentor. If you meet this criteria, please review my website listed below. Sign up for my free newsletter that provides strategies to plug in torepparttar 117244 power of e-commerce.

My goal is to help you find a Plan B that can work for YOU! You may call me or email me as follows.

Thank you for your TIME!

Sincerely, Michael Roberts 888-689-9673

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You deserve Financial Freedom

Michael Roberts is a father of four and a successful businessman. He holds a BS and MEd in Education as well as post-graduate work in Educational Psychology. His experience includes teaching, business management and sales/marketing expertise. He is founder of MichRo Enterprises, an international distribution company. He is recognized by the International Society of Poets and lives in a suburb of Atlanta, GA. Review the e-commerce division of his company at

Oh, to be as a child!

Written by Seamus Dolly

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Yet to learn to type, even with large and awkward fingers, is not a big thing to do. People with serious physical restrictions overcome great barriers everyday. Considerrepparttar SPECIAL OLYMPICS participants andrepparttar 117237 positions they improve! So they also do this by their attitude and mindset, and a desire to improve themselves, and they use little magic.

My large and awkward fingers are no longer a problem, though I was often so frustrated, I wanted to cut them off, but was too awkward to accurately use a scissors, ( I'd cut off my wrists and perhaps a leg).

I had no academic qualification and enrolled in an electronics course inrepparttar 117238 hope that it would improve my C.V.. Within an hour, I said to myself " WHAT HAVE I SIGNED MYSELF UP FOR?" Did you ever say that to yourself? You probably did. You'd say to yourself that you got yourself into a worse position by trying to get yourself into a better position. So we are allrepparttar 117239 same in that respect, and sometimes convince ourselves to stop. The BIG thing is not to give up, andrepparttar 117240 harder it seems,repparttar 117241 more you should look to a child and their "in-built" and automatic desire to move on.

When I first started in this business, I was getting up to 1300 e-mails per day. Atrepparttar 117242 time, I felt that I had to read most of them, for two reasons:

To get an idea of what was going on. I had a lot of important e-mails.

When I could or should have been out onrepparttar 117243 town with my friends, I was stuck torepparttar 117244 computer. I didn't like it. It would have been easier not to, inrepparttar 117245 short term. I'm glad that I stuck with it, though, because in hindsight, I'd have achieved nothing and learned little, if I didn't. This is not an ego-trip, as it isn't a big thing, in a big context, but it is a big thing on a personal level. I'm writing this because I'm sure that there are millions of people that are stuck in a rut and what I'm suggesting is thatrepparttar 117246 INTERNET isrepparttar 117247 cheapest and easiest avenue for escape. The opportunities are endless and if nothing else, You will be armed with something other than "small talk". You will have more in common withrepparttar 117248 next generation. You can connect with people, when it is raining, freezing, or you simply don't want to leaverepparttar 117249 comfort of your home. You can find an interest, or an interest in business, just likerepparttar 117250 stuffrepparttar 117251 internet is full of. There is a load of free technology available, if you decide to trust it. And there it is inrepparttar 117252 last sentence, "IF YOU DECIDE TO TRUST IT". As a child would; no fear, and no doubt, but an automatic decision to do it.

"When you do something, something will be done; When you do nothing, you've successfully contradicted yourself".


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