Profile of the Online Bingo Player

Written by Jonathan Bentz

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While grandma still finds her way torepparttar hall to get her game on, mom is sitting at home dialing-up to find her game. estimates that over 85% of online bingo gamers access their games from home, and over 50% play every day. One major reason mom is addicted torepparttar 116214 online version of grandma’s game is because of an autoplay function many sites feature. In an autoplay game mode, players simply letrepparttar 116215 cards playrepparttar 116216 game for them. As long asrepparttar 116217 cards are purchased and a game screen is up on a computer, mom can do things aroundrepparttar 116218 house while games are played. Also, many webpages include ongoing chat screens in addition to their games, so online players can getrepparttar 116219 bingo hall atmosphere right fromrepparttar 116220 comfort of their own home. “Keeping active chat lines running takes up a lot of bandwidth, so we tried to create several games without it,” said Anthony Wayne, an online consultant for Curacao-based Bingo site ( “Each game failed miserably. Chat is very important torepparttar 116221 success of these games.” Before long, grandma could even be logging on for her games. If she does, as traffic trends seem to indicate,repparttar 116222 online bingo market could soar in revenue. According to Parlay Entertainment (, 70% of players in bingo halls already play online games. If 1% of remaining hall-only bingo players move torepparttar 116223 internet inrepparttar 116224 next two years, online bingo could become a $700 million market. The old song tells of a farmer who had a dog. That dog’s name now belongs to a game of luck. Overrepparttar 116225 years, that game has received a new look. As more and more bingo games move out ofrepparttar 116226 hall and ontorepparttar 116227 net, players will move right along. The future of bingo is online... and so isrepparttar 116228 money to be made.

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How I Made Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies In Simple, Super Easy Steps

Written by Kori Puckett

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Bake 10 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (or until done). Let cool in pan for 1 minute before removing to cooling rack. Leaving them onrepparttar sheet for too long will make them hard.

Yes,repparttar 116213 cookies are soft after they come fromrepparttar 116214 oven. I don't know how long they stay soft out inrepparttar 116215 open though, as I had a couple of cousins come over while they were baking and we all pretty much destroyedrepparttar 116216 cookies.

Still, if you plan on keeping them (or any other type of cookies for that matter) for a while, then put a slice of bread onrepparttar 116217 bottom of an air tight container and placerepparttar 116218 cookies on top. If you have any cookies left whenrepparttar 116219 bread gets hard, replacerepparttar 116220 piece of bread.

I hope you try this peanut butter cookie recipe and love it. I know I'll be pulling this one out whenever a cookie craving hits me again.

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