Product Sales Beat Ads Sales for Web Revenues

Written by Rob Spiegel

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In May of this year, visits to ecommerce sites were up 35 percent over May of last year, according to Goldman Sachs. Jupiter Media Metrix reported that Amazon's traffic was up 34 percent this May over last May, reaching 20 million visitors. visits were up 126 percent this May over last May.

So I received an email this week from Manuel Morales, owner of, a site that allows NFL fans to vote for their favorite team. He receives 1,000 visitors each day, which gives his site total page views of 4000 per day. And he's asking how to profit from this traffic. The simple answer is "Don't bother trying to sell adverting."

With his type of targeted audience, Manuel probably stands a better chance of selling official team products to create profits. He can likely obtainrepparttar products through affiliation or direct inventory purchases. He can tie an individual team product page to votes for a particular team sorepparttar 127362 fan sees onlyrepparttar 127363 page forrepparttar 127364 team selected. He can outsourcerepparttar 127365 product shipping to repparttar 127366 manufacturer or distributor.

The strategy of selling products to visitors is not foolproof, but givenrepparttar 127367 advertising statistics versusrepparttar 127368 retail sales statistics, product sales are certainlyrepparttar 127369 strategy most likely to succeed. And givenrepparttar 127370 ability to use affiliation with product distributors as an alternative to actually buying inventory and fillingrepparttar 127371 garage with stock,repparttar 127372 product route may come with little risk.

Rob Spiegel is the author of Net Strategy (Dearborn) and The Shoestring Entrepreneur's Guide to the Best Home-Based Businesses (St. Martin's Press). You can reach Rob at

Being The Best – What Does It Take?

Written by Marcella McMahon, Motivator and Personal Coach

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Those directly around us affect our beliefs about ourselves and motivate us to greatness or hold us back. Do your surrounding entities haverepparttar qualities you strive for? If not, why are you choosing this group or organization?

Making your company better and your group better will only make you better inrepparttar 127361 long run.

The truth is when your parents said, “You are who you hang around” they were giving you excellent advice.

Utter Honesty

It takes a strong self-esteem to handle self-honesty as well as honesty from others.

I recommend asking trusted allies to assess your strengths and weaknesses. If you have trouble taking in advice, I highly recommend reading some self-help books on self-esteem. My personal favorite is Pia Mellody’s Facing Codependence (the title is quite deceiving).

It takes vulnerability to be open to learn and grow. And as crazy as it may sound, vulnerability actually takes strength of character.

Ability to Handle Criticism

Take it in stride. Criticism can be a tool of growth. ”How?” you ask. By usingrepparttar 127362 FLACK method.

1.Forget who is doingrepparttar 127363 criticizing 2.Listen to what is being said 3.Assess what is true and what is not (Sometimes it is more aboutrepparttar 127364 person doingrepparttar 127365 criticizing, but see if you find any truth aboutrepparttar 127366 criticism in your heart) 4.Changerepparttar 127367 negative behavior 5.Know that you will have to fightrepparttar 127368 old negative behavior for a long time beforerepparttar 127369 new behavior is easy habit

Fight criticism with FLACK!

Perpetual Search for Growth

A perpetual search for growth is absolutely necessary to BEING THE BEST. When searching ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make myself better?” “What do I need to do to make my company better?” “What do I need to do to makerepparttar 127370 world better?”

Use a journal to track your growth. Write in it at least once per week. Write about where you want to go – plot your course and you’ll get there. Then review your journal monthly to see how far you’ve come. I make this guarantee…you will be surprised!

Keep searching and growing.

“If you don't keep moving forward,repparttar 127371 world will. Stand still for a moment andrepparttar 127372 world will continue to pass you by. For to truly move ahead ofrepparttar 127373 pack, your pace must be twice as fast.”

Let’s Make A Difference! Sincerely, Marcella McMahon, COO Positive Results The b2b Sales Experts

Marcella McMahon, COO of Positive Results, is a Clinical Therapist who has studied the Carl Jung method of therapy. McMahon designs curriculum, author articles, gives keynotes, and coaches individuals to succeed. She gives her time freely to youth inspiring and motivating teens on business and entrepreneurship. Register for SalesExecutiveNews at Positive 1.800.926.5953

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