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Written by Altha Sood

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repparttar cheesecake! I was very happy at how easy and uncomplicatedrepparttar 147340 directions were. The cheesecake had a wonderful cinnamon flavor with a twist of vanilla flavoring. It took me approximately 10-15 minutes to prepare; however, it needed to be placed inrepparttar 147341 refrigerator for at least 3 hours to chill before eating. If you check with Marissa, I am sure she will be glad to give you additional information onrepparttar 147342 other flavors available (ie., Banana Split, Cherry Berry, Georgia Peach , etc.) and other featured mixes for repparttar 147343 current month. As you may be already aware, gift buyers are always looking for unique and creative gift ideas. A basket of gourmet mixes or maybe just a dessert mix basket would be ideal forrepparttar 147344 individual who has everything. Be sure to contact Marissa,, for your gift-giving needs.

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Joy of Nettle soup. Urtica Dioica

Written by Simon Mitchell

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Intorepparttar liquidiser to soup it, then return torepparttar 147226 pan to warm. To serve, pourrepparttar 147227 soup into a bowl and add some cream. Whiskrepparttar 147228 cream around withrepparttar 147229 back of a spoon to make an interesting shape. Salt and pepper to taste. Roger Phillips suggests serving this soup with butter-made croutons, but I prefer it without - only because I'm off bread.

Right now if you've done all that - you have just spontaneously self-medicated with wild food !

Nettles are a powerhouse of stuff we need after winter. They contain: Iron and vitamin C. There are other minerals such as calcium, potassium and silicic acid in addition to flavonoids and phenols. German studies in 1999 show nettles to have a strong anti-inflammatory action. The leaves are rich in histamine - which can help with allergies. Also they contain serotonin - another very valuable compound for positive being. For this reason nettle is a useful tonic.

Nettle leaves are an astringent, a diuretic and a tonic, thanks in part to their high vitamin C and iron content. As an astringent they are used to decrease unwanted prostrate growth. As a tonic in beer, tea or soup they strengthenrepparttar 147230 whole body. The high salicic acid content inrepparttar 147231 plant can also help with eczema andrepparttar 147232 dried leaves make an easy poultice for some joint pains. Floggingrepparttar 147233 affected part with nettles was once called 'urtification' and was used for rheumatic joints. A remedy with its own hypodermic needles built-in !

The name 'nettle' comes from an old Scandinavian word 'Noedle' - meaning 'needle' in reference torepparttar 147234 stinging parts - which underrates this useful plant. Nettles were once cultivated in Scandinavia and they were grown under glass in Scotland as 'early kale'.

Evenrepparttar 147235 fibrous stems of nettles were used to weave a rough cloth. The young tops makerepparttar 147236 most delicious soup, nettle tea is good internally for rheumatic pains and externally as a balm against sunburn or as a cleansing hair rinse. A green dye can be made fromrepparttar 147237 leaves andrepparttar 147238 seeds of this plant were once considered to have aphrodisiac qualities. Useful - or what !

A famous Irish dish called 'Brotchan Neanntog' contains nettles, but they become too tough after June for serious eating. 'Food for Free', a book by Richard Mabey even has a recipe for Nettle Haggis.

Gerard claims Nettles as a remedy against hemlock, bad mushrooms, quicksilver and Henbane, also againstrepparttar 147239 bites of serpents and scorpions. An oil made fromrepparttar 147240 leaves will take awayrepparttar 147241 sting that "itself maketh".

Getrepparttar 147242 spring inside you - go make Nettle Soup.

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