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Written by Richard Lowe

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Sorepparttar typical daily cycle is (a) let Zeus run for a while (a full day, perhaps) looking for sites, (b) examine what it finds and accept or reject sites and assign to categories, (c) send emails torepparttar 125113 webmasters, (d) updaterepparttar 125114 status of sites as webmasters respond, and (e) upload your new link exchange pages with updates. If that's really all you want to do, then Zeus is an excellent choice for you.

Zeus is very good atrepparttar 125115 things it does. The robot is excellent (if properly trained) at choosing web sites for your exchange. The email organizer is excellent for keeping a record of webmaster contacts andrepparttar 125116 page creation system lets you create a very nice looking link exchange program. The templates are complex out of necessity, but they are very functional and can be heavily modified without much trouble.

Onrepparttar 125117 other hand, I've found that using Zeus is a major headache at times. The program is difficult to train and very difficult to correct later if you happen to train in a pattern which you do not like. It requires constant attention, andrepparttar 125118 robot is exceptionally slow (my system is a 2-gigahertz, dual processor monster andrepparttar 125119 program runs sllloooooww).

Perhapsrepparttar 125120 major problem with Zeus is a huge feature that it does not have. Zeus does not check links for you. This is an issue because it is important that link exchange sites maintain a link back to your own site, and it is a serious drawback to repparttar 125121 program. You must checkrepparttar 125122 linkbacks manually.

Another issue is a choice thatrepparttar 125123 developer made - he uses an Access database. Access is infamous for data corruptions and other issues, especially as databases get larger and more complicated. In addition, Access databases tend to be exceptionally slow. There are many better choices for databases which are faster and more robust.

I think my final hesitation towards this program isrepparttar 125124 extremely confusing and frustrating user interface. Program controls are in strange places, they are poorly explained and difficult to find. There is an incredible amount of data presented which is probably very thrilling torepparttar 125125 designer, but to most of us it simply doesn't matter. I would highly recommend torepparttar 125126 developer that repparttar 125127 next version do a complete redesign, and this time field test it with some actual users.

There is a free version of Zeus, but you will need to purchase repparttar 125128 PRO version if you want to make it's link pages match your site. Check outrepparttar 125129 free version, but be prepared to spend several long days learningrepparttar 125130 system and training it to know what you want.

Would I recommend Zeus? Well, it depends. Zeus is a valuable tool and it is useful in a link exchange strategy. Onrepparttar 125131 other hand, I've found that Zeus tends to turn a daily activity which is a chore into an organized chore. The major drawback, and my main hesitation, isrepparttar 125132 exceptionally poor performance. I purchased repparttar 125133 tool and I do use it on a regular basis - however, even on my monster machine it is annoying slow. So I would hesitantly recommend this program, withrepparttar 125134 above-mentioned caveats.

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Promote Your Site Every Day

Written by Steve Nash

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=> Day 5 - Be An Expert, Have An Opinion

Believe it or not people are interested in what *you* have to say! Several websites are even willing to pay you for your opinion! (And we all have an opinion, don't we!) Remember, it's good to talk, especially if your listeners then visit your website!

If you *really know your stuff*, you can become an 'expert' at several sites. You may have to write articles on your subject of expertise, or just answer questions from site-visitors. Either way *you* gain more exposure, and your site gains more exposure too.

Opinion sites:

Expert site:

=> Day 6 - Start A Joint Venture

A joint venture can be as simple as joining an affiliate program. But basically you sponsor another's product and take a share inrepparttar profits. Joint ventures can also improve 'site-stickiness'.

You need to:

a) CONTACT webmasters who market similar products/services and ask them if they would be interested in offering yours. Sharerepparttar 125112 profits, and it's a win-win situation. b) PROMOTE another webmasters' product or service (something you believe in) to your subscribers or customers.

=> Day 7 - Follow Up!

No new websites to visit here; no new methods of promotion. Just an opportunity to measurerepparttar 125113 success (or otherwise) ofrepparttar 125114 previous 6-days' efforts. This is a time to follow-up and perhaps plan forrepparttar 125115 next 6-days.

=> And If All Goes Well...

If all goes well then just take a break, but if you're really keen, however, you *could* take a look at some of these other promotion methods too:

* Encourage visitors to bookmark your site * Use pay-per-click search engines * Write a press release * Run a competition * Create great content, and allow others to use it * Create an online community

- - -

Good luck, Steve Nash

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