Product Review: Send Out Cards With A Click Of A Mouse

Written by Sara Duggan

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Another feature I really thought would benefit Businesses owners especially, isrepparttar postcard Campaign. Just set up your campaign withrepparttar 147396 receipients addresses and then once a quarter or once a month, remind your customers that they are appreciated!

I give this product an outstanding 5 stars! It is easy to use, saves my time, includes a simple to use address book, avoids postal lines, avoids writers cramp, and I can even program it to not miss a single birthday or anniversary. Visit Tricia's Site and let her know you found her product at Direct Sale Opportunities.

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The thing with quality time

Written by Marsha Maung

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I spent one whole Friday thinking about what to do withrepparttar kids on Saturday and Sunday and end up with nothing. So, onrepparttar 147395 weekends, we spent hours in front ofrepparttar 147396 TV coloring bananas, gorillas, and calculator on pieces of paper. We, then, tookrepparttar 147397 bicycle torepparttar 147398 park and cycled around. Joshua got scrapes on his knees and Jared was more than unhappy withrepparttar 147399 fact that his big brother made more ‘sand castles’ inrepparttar 147400 park than he did – but we all came home knowing that we knew each other better.

You see, spending quality time withrepparttar 147401 kids is all about getting to know your kids. Making an effort to be there for them when you know you CAN be doing something else with your life. We know we can use that time to actually finish offrepparttar 147402 report or call that important client up – butrepparttar 147403 most important thing with quality time with kids is that we DON’T.

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