Product Review: Professional Capture System

Written by Richard Lowe

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How is this useful? Well, let's say you have to explain how to enter a URL inrepparttar address field ofrepparttar 133577 browser. Seems simple, doesn't it? Well, you can make it even simpler for your users to use a picture or two instead of a lot of words. You could include a picture ofrepparttar 133578 browser window with some arrows and labels, which would makerepparttar 133579 whole thing more obvious and easier to understand.

This product has some very nice features. You can capture by area (you draw a box around what you want),repparttar 133580 whole screen, a window or even a specific object. All you have to do is start uprepparttar 133581 program and press whatever key you define as your hot key. You will then be able to select what parts ofrepparttar 133582 screen you want to capture.

I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to include pictures of their screens into documentation. I use it constantly to improverepparttar 133583 quality of my work.

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This Passport PREVENTS Travel!

Written by Mike Valentine

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"The Microsoft .NET Passport you used to sign in is valid, but we cannot locate your bCentral account"

When I attempt to convert again, I getrepparttar message over again. I still can't get through onrepparttar 133576 phone and cannot afford to spend much more time trying.

They have not answered my queries sent to support and now I've gone two weeks without sending my newsletter out. I sent a post to LinkExchange Digest, but of course as a Microsoft sponsored publication, they won't publish my complaints.

I'm locked out of my account, I have only a two month old subscriber list for backup and I can't get any attention. This isrepparttar 133577 most absurd thing I've seen since trying to change registrars from Network Solutions to a helpful and reasonable vendor that charges less and actually talks to me when I need help.

We're forced to use passport, but then can't convert from our previous account when we establish a passport. This behavior could only come from a corporate behemoth that doesn't give a flying @#$% about individual customers. Onlyrepparttar 133578 mass market. And then only when they don't complain.

I found a page at bCentral for support phone calls and found that phone support costs $9.95 monthly with a minimum commitment of one year! or you can save $20 and pay forrepparttar 133579 year in advance. So, in essence, you can pay us now or pay us more now. But wait, atrepparttar 133580 bottom ofrepparttar 133581 page it saysrepparttar 133582 following:

bCentral Subscriber Phone Support is available to current subscribers of:

Traffic Builder Commerce Manager Customer Manager

Sorepparttar 133583 truth is that you can't even PAY to talk to them about ListBuilder! Does anyone find this inrepparttar 133584 least bit objectionable? I've never seen worse customer service for paying customers anywhere!

Can you imagine signing up forrepparttar 133585 .NET passport zwallet and getting this kind of help when they have control of your money at (if they getrepparttar 133586 adoption they are hoping for) HUNDREDS or even thousands of sites acrossrepparttar 133587 web? This ought to be a warning call for those considering handing over personal information to passport and .NET and a clear signal that they won't provide customer support when you have trouble with it.

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