Product Marketing for Internet Based Home Businesses

Written by Paul Jesse

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When advertising online, use banners on your web page as well as others, exchange links and list with search engines. All of these will help your web page get noticed which means your products and services will get notices. The most important thing about product marketing online is URL marketing. You might haverepparttar best product forrepparttar 147477 best price onrepparttar 147478 planet, but if nobody knows how to get to your web site it is ineffective. As a result, be very dedicated to getting your URL out there.

Finally, market your product and URL offline. This will reach a different sector of individuals and will also increase web page traffic. Make sure your URL is printed on any correspondence from your company including checks, faxes, web pages, emails, and letters, envelopes, and any promotional items like key chains, mouse pads andrepparttar 147479 like. The more people that know your URL means more traffic to your site. This in itself isrepparttar 147480 best product marketing you can receive.

Paul Jesse is a retired government employee and author of numerous home business articles. It you are interested in starting a Internet home business visit his site.

Reselling - Money On The Side

Written by Anthony Vita

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Now that we have established what is involved in becoming a reseller andrepparttar importance of good customer support, let's talk about how to widenrepparttar 147418 profit margin. Atrepparttar 147419 beginning of this article I mentioned my friend was not a web designer, but what if he was? What if you are a web designer looking to earn more money? Why build a website and then hand it over to someone else to host when you could be offering that service to your clients? Becoming a hosting reseller would berepparttar 147420 perfect match for you. The more services you can provide your clients,repparttar 147421 more money you will make. Earlier I mentioned that with only 10 reseller accounts you could be earning $100 per month. Imagine if you added fees for web design. The cost for web design is often a one-time fee, but if your client requires monthly updates to their site you could be adding $50 to $100 per month to your monthly profit. Add a few of these type arrangements and you could be earning $500 per month or more. If you have access to people interested in starting websites they can quickly become a paying client. Web hosts are there to handle everything you don't know how to do; includingrepparttar 147422 management of servers, ensuring your client's data is not only backed up, but protected from natural disasters and hackers. Just because you don't have a degree in server management doesn't mean you can't get intorepparttar 147423 web business. Many hosting companies offer reseller packages and most are unique arrangements so shop around and find out which works best for you. Reselling can be very rewarding in that you are genuinely helping others get a website and also you can quickly start earning some money onrepparttar 147424 side. The trick is to partner up with a host you can trust, one that provides you withrepparttar 147425 same quality of service and professionalism you want/need to show your own clients.

Anthony Vita started his own successful web hosting business, Web Feat, Inc, in 1997. Since then, Anthony has been helping businesses and individuals worldwide ahieve their online presence. Contact Anthony today: Email: Web:

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