Produce More Sales from your Email Promotions

Written by Judy Cullins

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After seeing different articles by you, your audience will take advantage of your benefit-driven signature file, visit your site, subscribe to your ezine, and eventually buy. Each time I submit an article, new sales come in--about $100 a day.

Read articles on "How to Write a Publishable Article," "How to Write an Article Fast," "How to Submit Articles to Ezines and Web sites." Remember,repparttar trick to promoting yourself and your products is giving away free information. It's like tasting chocolate cookie samples at Mrs. Fields. Visitors will be more likely to buy after they experience a piece of you.

Keep your articles categorized too. At first, I just submitted random articles. I then realized my 20 years of experience could be put into six categories: 1. Writing/Publishing 2. eBooks 3. Online Promotion 4. Web Marketing/Promotion, 5. Offline/Traditional Marketing 6. Under 500 words

Now, I offer these catgegories by auto responder to specific audiences who want only one or two kinds of articles. They appreciaterepparttar 125022 categories andrepparttar 125023 easy way to receive promotional articles.

3. Send Follow up Messages to your Customers, Subscribers and Customers

Do you keep email lists by category such as subscribers, potential clients, customers, teleclass participants? Talking with many professionals, I discovered many only keep one list, primarily subscribers. While giving my subscribers information once a month, I make it a point to connect with many other groups. Each month or so, I send them some free information with a sales message.

How often do you follow up? The people who hear from you over time develop trust in you. Once They trust you, they are more likely to buy from you than new contacts.

Keep a file of your loyal customers, your potential clients, your subscribers, your teleclass participants, and ePublishers. To each of these, send a different, targeted follow up email. Send a "thank you" message offering a freebie. To my loyal customers I offered a free question answered by email. Inrepparttar 125024 same email, I followed with "Ways to Benefit and Succeed fromrepparttar 125025 Book Coach." These included a free subscription to my ezine, a free teleclass on book writing and promotion, and an introductory coaching price.

Recycle those articles you post online. Give them away as free reports to your potential clients. No cost to you and they take very little time.

Put your online promotion groups in a buying mode. Make an irrisistible offer that is real. It's a turn off whenrepparttar 125026 free bonus reports are worth more thanrepparttar 125027 major package being sold. I just noticed one--the book was $39.95--the free bonuses were supposedly worth $500. That certainly doesn't speak truth.

For an eBook of 30-60 pages packed with how-to's and resources, offer two free bonus reports taken from your article files or book excerpts. These can be 3-7 pages.

Display your product or service's benefits clearly. Give your potential buyer a picture of how their life would look after using your expertise. Write ad copy that appeals to their emotions, so they feel they must buy now.

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How to Market to Mars and Venus!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

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This will not only reduce their "Defense Mechanism", but will also trigger their buying interests.

Now suppose you're targeting female audience, bring up instant magnetic charms like:

Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Ungaro, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Enrique Iglesias, Slim Fast, beauty secrets, diamond, star style, princess,repparttar future,....

This will keep them curious and eager to finish reading your sales copies.


If you're writing a classified ad, you could writerepparttar 125021 same content, with a slight difference. This way, you'll have 2 slightly different ads to target men and women -- SEPERATELY!

For example, here is an ad targeting male audience ....

"Unveilrepparttar 125022 Formula One Secret You Can Instantly Copy to Turbocharge Your Site and Easily Turn It into a Hole-in-One Business that Earns You Homerun Profits -- 100% Faster than Tiger Woods' Swing...Guaranteed!"

With a slight change to it, you'll have an ad targeting female audience...

"Uncoverrepparttar 125023 Time-tested Secret You Can Instantly Copy to Make Over Your Site and Easily Turn It into a Hot-selling Business that Earns You Magic Profits -- You Can Buy Yourself 2 Prada Bags a Day....100% Guaranteed!"

You'll see that inrepparttar 125024 ad for men, I userepparttar 125025 word "turbocharge" to associate with auto racing. And because men like SPEED.

And inrepparttar 125026 ad for women, I userepparttar 125027 word "time-tested" to associate with beauty. And because women like SECURITY.

See how easy it is you can create 2 "TARGETED" classified ads in just a minute? You surely can create more targeted ads like these -- in NO time at all.

P.S. Don't forget whom you're writing to! A Mars or a Venus?

The author, Jaruda Boonsuwan, is offering one-of-its-kind e-course -- at NO charge. She reveals NUMBER ONE deadly-effective secrets to creating killer sales copies at

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