Procrastinate, but Not Now!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Go to your HTML editor or word processing program and paste all of that selection into a fresh document and save it as "archive01.htm". Now to your next issue inrepparttar archive and dorepparttar 131944 same thing over and over and over again until you're done. Renaming each page sequentially, or better yet, with keywords important to topics discussed in each newsletter for search engine ranking and relevancy increases.

It took me about 4 days of this before I had my entire ezine archive from ListBot copied and uploaded to my own site for safekeeping. You can take a look at my own archive to see an effective naming scheme using keywords in title tags, metatags and body copy, then creating text links from those keywords and using appropriate titles. Take a look at:


Check each ofrepparttar 131945 pages to see that every one has different tags, title, metatags and text links making keywords important. This alone makesrepparttar 131946 sore typing fingers worth something for allrepparttar 131947 work it takes. Archiving means more content for your site, which increases search engine rank as well. It's worth it.

I've always known that archiving my own newsletter would help increase search engine ranking and relevance for my web site. I just put it off for so long that it took four days to do what could have been done weekly and taken five minutes a week forrepparttar 131948 last two-and-one-half years! OW! My achin' shoulders! Carpal Tunnel has my wrists throbbing!

I think we're gonna have a bunch of really weary former ListBot members very sore by August 20, when ...

"The ListBot service will be turned off completely. All ListBot servers will be shut down and all data will be unavailable. Please retrieve any information you need before this date, since (is) inaccessible from this date on."

Don't forget to get your subscriber lists while you are there. ListBot instructions for that task are as follows:

"To download your lists, click on "View Members" inrepparttar 131949 ListBot control center. Then click on "Download All" or "Download Demographics" to download your list subscribers. If you have problems with this process during peak times, please try again during off-peak hours."

I'm pretty well peaked right now! Damn! I'll never use free services again as long as I live! I swear I won't! Well, mayberepparttar 131950 free email service and then there's that free bill paying service andrepparttar 131951 free messaging service andrepparttar 131952 free ...

Mike Banks Valentine Get Up! Get Movin' Get Your ListBot List Moved! How much is your FREE list host really costing you?

Act Now

Written by Irena Whitfield

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Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed, exhausted, annoyed, disappointed, discouraged. Learn something new every day, do something valuable for YOUR business every day. Every day you must feel your progress, you must feel satisfaction, enthusiasm, optimism when you finish your day. You must be looking forward to your next business day. You must be all impatient to go on, full of plans, full of acts.

You will not succeed tomorrow, not even in a month, don't get disillusioned if you don't succeed in three months. There's no cause to get alarmed if you know that what you do is right, that you are onrepparttar right track. And you're moving forward, making progress. Just persevere. You will succeed. I am sure you will. I can guarantee it. I know it.

Every night take a piece of paper and put down allrepparttar 131942 items you should do and want to dorepparttar 131943 next day. And do it. And check whether you accomplished all you planned and how, or why you didn't. And improve. Once you adopt your system, you will not feel tired,repparttar 131944 work will be easy. It will cease to be work, it will become a passion, a source of joy, happiness. You will be surprised atrepparttar 131945 results you will be getting in a short time.

The crucial point is to work, to act. To ACT Now. Decide what is good for you and your business, and your visitors and customers, what more you can offer. And do it. And do it at once. The offline world is very slow butrepparttar 131946 Internet is moving fast. It's useless to postpone what you decide to do. You lose so much with everything you don't do.

Do you know why only 1% ofrepparttar 131947 people onrepparttar 131948 Net succeed? Because they don't ACT. Be different. Develop your working system, stick to your goals, research, learn and ACT. Now.... No Excuses. NOW.

Irena Whitfield is the webmistress of - Internet Business Consultants for 3rd Millennium helping people to succeed in their online business even on a limited budget. Get her book '7 Stars of Online Success', Join her FREE Affiliate Programme And Start to Do Business the Profitable Way. YOUR Time Is Now:

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