Problems Found After Indexing 200 Websites

Written by Rob Wiley

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Another big problem found with sites Iíve indexed wasrepparttar absence of a description tag. Meta tags are used primarily by search engines. If you do not supply a description for your web page thenrepparttar 131791 search engines will not have any information to put into its database in regards to a description for that particularly page. Obviously, if you have a title and description that is relevant to that page you are more likely going to gainrepparttar 131792 respect of a search engine. The search engine FOUND what it was looking for. When you loose your keys, do you want to spend 5 minutes searching or just 1 minute? The easier you make it forrepparttar 131793 search engines,repparttar 131794 less time and resources spent on their end will make up in how you rank with them.

If you have a website or are a web master, look at each of your web pages meta information. Check to see if your meta tags conform to rules set out by major search engines. Once you optimize your pages, you will find that your efforts will be rewarded with higher rankings.

Rob Wiley has spent the last 13 years serving the media industry in fields involving graphic design, marketing, website design and development. His experience has been shared with numerous businesses that have profited from his advice and skills.


The Finer Points of WAH Etiquette

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Unexpected Guests:

Use an intercom to ascertainrepparttar identity ofrepparttar 131789 visitor, By this method, you may avoid openingrepparttar 131790 door andrepparttar 131791 risk of inadvertantly inviting them inside. It is crucial that you use this approach at all times - even whenrepparttar 131792 front door is open andrepparttar 131793 visitor is plainly visible behindrepparttar 131794 screen door. Feign blindness.

Provide an unwelcoming atmosphere atrepparttar 131795 entrance - no coatracks, tables, chairs or ironing boards that could hold coats. Shouldrepparttar 131796 visitor enter, assumerepparttar 131797 military "at ease" stance with your hands clasped behind your back. Maintain this position so thatrepparttar 131798 visitor cannot hand their coat to you.

If guest still enters and wants to sit, prepare furniture by placing large, angular rocks underrepparttar 131799 cushions. Hide old rotten half-eaten bananas and unfinished yogurt cups (with children, there is always a constant and abundant supply on hand) in strategically chosen areas ofrepparttar 131800 furniture to soil your visitor's clothing so that you may hurry them off torepparttar 131801 dry cleaner and resume work.

We at WAHumor hope that you will find this basic primer to be of some use and always be mindful ofrepparttar 131802 importance of proper etiquette forrepparttar 131803 work at home lifestyle.

With two boys, a dog, a cat, a wife and a household to keep together to boot, Dan Reinhold isrepparttar 131804 editor of WAHumor to hang on to his sanity by showing how insanerepparttar 131805 work-at-home community can be. Work at home? You deserve a laugh!

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