Pro and Cons of Home Based Business

Written by Mary Porter

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My last hope for this month. I'll just have to order another case of Vitamin C to make my minimum order. I guess I'll payrepparttar electric bill with my next paycheck from my real job.

That was my experience with a company that I was with for several years and had a large "downline". We got a large check every month fromrepparttar 142090 company. I would use it to help pay for my minimum monthly quota (which was equally large!). And when I finally gave up and got out so I could pay my electric bill on time, I had a number of cases of product sitting in my basement.

The first home based business we were with was very short lived. My largest, and I think, ONLY check was for under $3 and that was after a few months, a few people under us, and several back orders that were never delivered.

Now, I only have to order what ever I want for myself and my family. I feel good about being able to refer other people to high quality products with excellent customer service. There is an empty bottle money back guarantee for any reason.

And now, if I want, when I getrepparttar 142091 check fromrepparttar 142092 company, I can pay my electric bill with it.

The company we were refered to 5 years ago is a leader in nutritional research and developement. The household and personal care products are safe for you, your children, your pets, and your environment. This business employs a unique and simple consumer direct marketing system that eliminates a lot ofrepparttar 142093 stress associated with some other home based opportunities.

To learn more about this unusual twist on home based businesses visitrepparttar 142094 web site below.

Maybe we can help you clean out your basement or garage!

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Do Search Engines Scare You?

Written by Elaine Currie, BA (Hons)

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Web site owners act as ifrepparttar search engines are neighbourhood dignitaries: "We must tidy up,repparttar 142007 search engines are coming to visit". An anxious time follows while your website, brushed, polished and optimised torepparttar 142008 best of your ability, waits to greet these visitors. The most respected visitor is Googlebot. He causes most anxiety and is renowned for being unpredictable. Webmasters try to analyserepparttar 142009 "Googledance" inrepparttar 142010 hope of making Googlebot's visit enjoyable. If we can getrepparttar 142011 mighty Googlebot to dance instead of merely crawling, he might give us a good report, but Googlebot can't seem to decide what algorithm he prefers. How are you supposed to get his feet tapping? Unfortunately,repparttar 142012 search engines are notrepparttar 142013 most communicative visitors and you only realise they have carried out their examination when something (either good or bad) happens to your protégé's page rank.

The search engines are not like your school teacher who gives you a class test, they are more likerepparttar 142014 university Board Of Examiners: when you have passed or failed their test, you will never get to know which questions you got right or where your weakness lies. Further improvement will have to be a matter of guesswork but suppose your guess is wrong? You might destroyrepparttar 142015 very things which met withrepparttar 142016 search engines’ approval. Then you hear thatrepparttar 142017 search engines don’t agree amongst themselves, so what pleases some of them might lose you points with others. Which ones should you try hardest to impress? Should you turn your website into some sort of private Googledancer and risk offendingrepparttar 142018 rest ofrepparttar 142019 robots? Would it be better to try to please one or two ofrepparttar 142020 larger search engines or a big bunch ofrepparttar 142021 lesser ones? Finally you hear a rumour thatrepparttar 142022 search engines are changing their secret rules anyway but nobody knows whatrepparttar 142023 changes will entail. You despair of ever satisfyingrepparttar 142024 masters of your fate, you feel as if you are stumbling around inrepparttar 142025 dark. Panic takes you over.

Should you be afraid of search engines?

Anybody in his right mind should be afraid, very afraid.

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