Prioritize Your Life for Success

Written by Jan Wallen

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The Christian knows to place his priorities inrepparttar order of God, spouse, family, job and then finally hobbies. Yet human nature guides him downrepparttar 127066 road that lays waste to any priority he may set for himself while in church on Sunday mornings. Most ofrepparttar 127067 other religions ofrepparttar 127068 world teach these same principles as well, and still people of all faiths stumble down this same road without fail.

Priorities, like God, require a commitment in our lives. We must commit ourselves to establishing our priorities and then to meeting them one at a time. God, of course, should berepparttar 127069 number one commitment you make to yourself. As through God, you will findrepparttar 127070 strength and fortitude to establish and meet each of your other priorities in life; priorities of spouse, family, and job, each in their proper order.

Romans 12:2 NIV Do not conform any longer torepparttar 127071 pattern of this world, but be transformed byrepparttar 127072 renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

It is not enough to sit in church on Sunday mornings and pledge to make Godrepparttar 127073 priority in your life. You must go torepparttar 127074 further extreme. You must make a commitment in your life to make Godrepparttar 127075 number one priority in your life. And then you must follow through on that commitment. Then and only then, will you find repparttar 127076 abilities within yourself to reach beyond what you ever thought you were capable of doing, to commit yourself to setting priorities in your life, even outside ofrepparttar 127077 work place, and to followrepparttar 127078 commitment to your priorities withrepparttar 127079 fulfillment of your goals.

If you do not have God in your life, I encourage you to meet Him so that you to may experiencerepparttar 127080 joy and fulfillment ofrepparttar 127081 renewing of your mind, as so many of us have experienced. If God is only in your life on Sunday mornings, I encourage you to reach into your heart, pastrepparttar 127082 lip service that you are offering, and finally makerepparttar 127083 commitment to put God asrepparttar 127084 top priority in your life.

In conclusion, I applaud each of you who makerepparttar 127085 commitment to manage your time and priorities inrepparttar 127086 work place. It is my hope that this article has opened your eyes torepparttar 127087 part of your life that is bigger than work,repparttar 127088 33% of your life that is spent doing non-work related activities. Spend them well.

Jan Wallen is the owner of a site dedicated to helping Christian business people conduct their businesses based on Christian principles. Subscriptions are available by visiting her website or you may send a blank e-mail to

Your Endless Journey to More Abundant Life

Written by Andrei Yashurin

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People from this category are more interested in their own personal development rather than certainty. They act like true scientists, who are always willing to challenge their current knowledge of reality in order to gain more accurate knowledge. They like questions, because every question gives them an opportunity to rise higher in their understanding. They boldly face difficulties, because they are sure that life's problems make them stronger, wiser and more loving.

If we are looking for continuous personal development, let us be prepared to live in an uncertainty of new questions and new challenges. And if an outside world seems to be slow in bringing us new challenges, let us challenge ourselves!

Personally, I tend to be an "investigator". When I hear a statement that Christians should believe, or behave in such and such way, my first silent question is, "Really? Are there any other options?" My intention is not to be skeptical (as a matter of fact, skepticism often reminds me a religion), but to be flexible in mind. I donít want to be settled with a number of cliches. I donít want others to steal my joy of discovery, and I donít try to steal it from others.

I think thatrepparttar Bible encourages, and not discourages seekers and investigators. "Seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you" (Matthew 7:7), said Jesus. However, what so many people fail to understand is thatrepparttar 127065 process of seeking and finding is meant to be eternal. Our spiritual unfoldment is meant to be eternal. My opinion is that we cannot stop our search on "getting converted", finding "the true church" or "the true doctrine". God,repparttar 127066 Reality of Being is infinitely higher than any church, any dogma or any person, evenrepparttar 127067 most enlightened one.

I have a lifelong love affair withrepparttar 127068 Reality of Being.

Andrei Yashurin is a non-denominational minister, author, translator and an Internet publisher from Russia. His ministry in 2 languages reaches more than 3,000 people every month. He can be contacted at:

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