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In going back over this article, it reads sort of negative, doesn't it? (SORT OF???) I don't mean to put you on a downer, I just want to make sure that you keep balance and perspective in your life. I want my reminder to serve as your reminder. It's amazing how quickly 'important' things can become unimportant.

It's easy to work a lot when you own a small business (I'll bet you didn't know that…) which makes it hard to achieve that balance and perspective without some conscious effort. Are your priorities in order? Don't wait for that giant reminder to come and slap you inrepparttar face. The next time you get angry with a loved one, ask yourself if it really matters that much.

One of my favorite movie quotes is from "Mr. Mom", one of Michael Keaton's first movies. In it, he loses his corporate job, can't find another, and his wife (played by Terri Garr) ends up going back to work for an advertising firm leaving him at home to take care ofrepparttar 101923 kids. She ends up working too much, so he says these eight words to her.

Now I'm saying them to you:

"It's easy to forget what's important. So don't."

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Don't get ripped off at the pump.

Written by Julius Simmons

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Scenario 3- Is a variation of number 2. This time whenrepparttar attendant checksrepparttar 101922 oil, he seesrepparttar 101923 level is truly a half quart low. He tellsrepparttar 101924 customer that they are a half quart short and makesrepparttar 101925 sale. He tops offrepparttar 101926 level and offersrepparttar 101927 remaining half quart torepparttar 101928 customer, who of course refuses. Who wants to put a messy half quart of oil in their car? He returns that half quart torepparttar 101929 rack. When another customer comes in a half quart low, guess what happens? He’s now soldrepparttar 101930 same quart of oil to two different customers.

Scenario 4- This scenario is similar torepparttar 101931 last one except whenrepparttar 101932 attendant goes to get a bottle of oil to put inrepparttar 101933 car, he takes a bottle that's already empty fromrepparttar 101934 rack and goes throughrepparttar 101935 same procedure. -Julius Simmons.

Julius Simmons is a 38 year old man from South Orange, New Jersey. He's the webmaster at BOOM & POUND ((((Auto & Sound))))

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