Prince Henry Sinclair

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Then there is BR with a G when they saw themselves deserving of palaces or Bragha but always still into FREEDOM or Bragh as in Erin Go Bragh

Bradley and others seerepparttar Sinclair, St. Clar or Claire (no co-incidence thatrepparttar 151097 Lake has that name up river from Kingston whererepparttar 151098 settlement went after Nova Scotia) as paladins and married intorepparttar 151099 Royal blood.

Yes, these are Jews ofrepparttar 151100 Merovingians throughrepparttar 151101 Phoenician trading emporiae and Empire that grew through time. In short this is alsorepparttar 151102 Benjaminites and House of Judah andrepparttar 151103 'arch-tectons' (see Septuagint for that name associated withrepparttar 151104 family of Jesus and Joseph) or ARCH-Druids. They designedrepparttar 151105 Great Pyramid.

But their historians and scientists were Bairds or BRD and we see this name in Bayard orrepparttar 151106 Chevalier de Bayard where great Druidic universities were near Marseilles and our pentagram ofrepparttar 151107 Pyrenees or Rennes le Chateau. In an earlier time there are mines there whenrepparttar 151108 Mediterranean was a collection of lakes before 5500 BC. These mines offrepparttar 151109 coast of Marseilles are of interest if you find what they mined and any data on them. I have found little information to go on with them, as well as Lyoness where Guinevere came from. It was a major megalithic center ahead of Carnac (likerepparttar 151110 Karnac in Egypt named after it).

Thusrepparttar 151111 Druidic Council of pan-Tribal adepts including Isis and Osiris are King-Bairds and part of my family includesrepparttar 151112 Kings who are onrepparttar 151113 Declaration of Independence with Rufus who my father's Uncle Jim (lived past 100) used to talk about. Legends of families have as much to offer asrepparttar 151114 Bible which is BL or Ba'al and Bel as well as Babel andrepparttar 151115 origin ofrepparttar 151116 'Word' or Logos which is Chaos Science and String Theory of Harmonics. And so it goes. Martha Baird Rockefeller isrepparttar 151117 step-mother of Nelson and there is Baird College which you saw with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman andrepparttar 151118 prep school for Presidents is no simple co-incidence either.

Thus I can draw a connection to allrepparttar 151119 bad acts of history despiterepparttar 151120 adventurous and rather courageous leaders many of these people were. Their bastards and mingling was part ofrepparttar 151121 Educational system and Politics of sending their kids to far away places to be educated (see Braveheart and Argyll). This created ties likerepparttar 151122 Gaedhilic Schools atrepparttar 151123 time of Jesus. Can I state these things unequivocally? NO! Can I PROVE it - NOT entirely.

The destruction of libraries andrepparttar 151124 proscription on those Druids who would not sell their souls to Romano-British (Bruttii both) had much to do (Much Ado about Nothing) with it. You see a little ofrepparttar 151125 relationship breaking down as SPQR is usurped by Caesar who is killed by his friend Brutus. Shakespeare (Shake-hes-spear was one of 17 ways his name was spelt and he DID shake it) was an adept and mentored by one of alchemic knowledge who also helped Bacon (if my channeling was true). In America they were Toltecs and Mediwiwin. But I think this wasrepparttar 151126 true Druids who would not sell out, or shall we say a lot likerepparttar 151127 original Templars ofrepparttar 151128 Palace or Castle Bragha.

Bradley makesrepparttar 151129 connection of Prince Henry andrepparttar 151130 Orkneys as an absolute fact but this earlier Sinclair place might have clues torepparttar 151131 real mystery - nothing to do with simple treasure, and a lot to do with Harmonics andrepparttar 151132 Grid tied in torepparttar 151133 Lost Chord. Anything on that will be most helpful {We subsequently found John Coleman and William Buehler have a lot on this.}. The Harmonic knowledge and attunements can manifest gold from other material and maybe even precipitate diamonds as St. Germain could do forrepparttar 151134 Sun King.

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Are Moldy Schools Destroying Our Kids?

Written by Dr GW Graham

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Also associated with maintenance is changing air filters. Many times this isn't done due to school budgets. Filters cost money. Not a lot of money, but money. Some schools don't change there A/C filters until someone fromrepparttar state comes to inspect.

Then there are carpets. Carpets are moldy. Kids spill food, milk, and glue onto carpets. They throw up on carpets. These things feed mold. Teachers make kids sleep onrepparttar 150689 floor at nap time.Their faces are pressed intorepparttar 150690 moldy carpets. Results: sick kids.

Butrepparttar 150691 ultimate reason for moldy schools is politics. This applies to everything mentioned above, ie carpets, filters and drying.

Schools have to report to taxpayers. That's YOU. If a school board member says to yourepparttar 150692 taxpayer, "We can spendrepparttar 150693 money on books, football uniforms or healthy air." What are you going to say? Most people want things they can see and touch and point to.

So if you want healthy kids with strong lungs and good immune systems,repparttar 150694 responsibility is in your hands. Go to school board meetings, talk torepparttar 150695 radio and tv stations.If you need ammunition, tellrepparttar 150696 politicians that mold free schools win more games in sports. Championship teams are something that can be pointed to like books.

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