Price your eBook to Sell Well

Written by Judy Cullins

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3. Know that eBooks bring as big a price as print books. Don't under price yours. Assign itrepparttar highest price you feel your audience can afford. If you don't sell many (remember to sell many you need to promote your books Online and on Web sites) try a lower price. Always start withrepparttar 127187 highest price.

4. Rethink your title to sell more books. Make it short and compelling, but be sure to make it clear. Three-six words will sell better than a really long title, although there are exceptions.

One eBook "High Traffic=High Web Sales" sells better than "How to Dramatically Increase your Web Traffic and Sales."

5. Know that "how-to" books bring a larger price than a story.

6. Price your personal growth and health books lower thanrepparttar 127188 specific how-to books. Shorter eBooks such as 10-30 pages will easily go for $7.95 to $12.95. Longer ones can go for $15.95. This audience is huge, but your book has far more competition in this group. Think Chicken Soup forrepparttar 127189 Soul series, selling over 70 million.

7. Promote your eBook Online to catchrepparttar 127190 Online business people. Reach 1000's, even hundreds of thousands each day you submit a related article. They want all kinds of books. Learn how to sell more books by learning this kind of promotion.

Apply these tips to your print books too. You can make 1/4 to 1/2 your income from book sales ifrepparttar 127191 price is right.

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The Great Sale(s) After the Sale

Written by Jorge Pinkus /

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Point 5. Make surerepparttar client understood perfectly and clearly any special requisite or condition. And that she is willing and able to comply with these.

Point 6. Managerepparttar 127186 non-productive interviews ó If you truly feel that some sales interview are not going to end positively, finish it diplomatically, but letrepparttar 127187 door open for an interview later on. Of course, do NOT leave without asking for at least one referral.

Point 7. Avoidrepparttar 127188 prospects that never buy ó Donít fall intorepparttar 127189 trap of keep on calling on those prospects that never quite say no, but neither buy. Youíll be much better off trying some other prospect or servicing a customer. And youíll haverepparttar 127190 energy and disposition to do it at your best.

Point 8. Make sure to ask for referrals ó Ask for referrals. Ask for referrals. Ask for referrals. If you maderepparttar 127191 sale, ask for referrals. If you didnít maderepparttar 127192 sale, ask for a number of qualified names and additional prospects. The referrals obtained in unsuccessful sales interviews could turn into successful ones, ifrepparttar 127193 other person buys from you. Did I already say you have to ask for referrals?

Point 9. Control your facial expression ó Whatever may berepparttar 127194 end result of your sales interview, control your expresions, especiallyrepparttar 127195 non-verbal ones. After a good sale, donít start to smile likerepparttar 127196 proverbial cat who earntrepparttar 127197 commision.

Point 10. Maintainrepparttar 127198 dignity at all times ó Leaverepparttar 127199 impresion thatrepparttar 127200 sales interview is part ofrepparttar 127201 service you offer. And donít look too disappointed ifrepparttar 127202 candidate didnít buy.

Point 11. Assurerepparttar 127203 client that you will keep in touch through your service ó And be true to your word.

Point 12. Be in contact continuously ó Sorepparttar 127204 clients could not tell you that they only see you when you have something to collect or to sell them.

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