Prevent phone monitoring with digital spread spectrum

Written by Max Penn

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Any radio scanner can be programmed to receiverepparttar cordless telephone frequencies. Newer scanners haverepparttar 141682 cellular telephone frequencies block, but these frequencies can be unblocked by anyone with a basic knowledge of radio electronics. Digital telephones are also radio transmitters, but a digital signal is unintelligible when heard on an analog receiver. Of course, a digital receiver would receive a digital telephone signal were it programmed torepparttar 141683 appropriate frequency. However, here is where spread spectrum technology comes in.

Spread spectrum was first used during World War II as a method to prevent torpedos being jammed en route to their target.

Digital spread spectrum uses a signal spread over a number of frequencies. These signals are difficult to intercept and demodulate and are resistant to jamming or interference. This provides for a clearer and cleaner telephone signal, as well as preventing monitoring ofrepparttar 141684 signal itself. It is also worth noting that cordless telephones are now available with an operating frequency of 2.4 GHz. Since most scanners do not receive intorepparttar 141685 gigahertz range, this gives additional protection against interception and phone monitoring of your telephone signal as it is transmitted betweenrepparttar 141686 handset andrepparttar 141687 base.

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Written by M H Ahsan

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Specifications and features: Tell exactly whatrepparttar product is. Give details about whatrepparttar 141529 buyer is getting.

Bonuses. Always include something extra, and make sure it has value - that it could be something people would orderrepparttar 141530 product just to getrepparttar 141531 bonus. Tellrepparttar 141532 specific dollar value so you can use that information inrepparttar 141533 value build- up, or close.

Value build-up: Be explicit aboutrepparttar 141534 reasonsrepparttar 141535 price ofrepparttar 141536 product is a good value. Make comparisons to other similar products that are more expensive with less gained. Offer a guarantee if at all possible. Anticipate and counter objections. Create a sense of scarcity. That is to say, give a deadline, explain why they need to act now, and keep your deadline real. Helprepparttar 141537 visitor feelrepparttar 141538 pain of not ordering~ exactly what won't change or get better unless they have your product.

Ordering: First, remember to ask forrepparttar 141539 order. Make an "Order Now" link. Then, makerepparttar 141540 ordering process and instructions absurdly clear. Imagine that this is your visitor's first ever on-line order. Give step-by-step directions. Also, give purchasing options: secure credit card pages and PayPal are most common, but include directions for ordering by check of phone if possible, even though it is rare that anyone does.

Post Script: In effect, this is a one-paragraph summary of your sales page, including a repetition ofrepparttar 141541 most important parts. Also, ask a final time forrepparttar 141542 order.

After reviewing this list, find good examples by doing a little online research. You wouldn't ever copy another sales page, of course. Simply look for inspiring examples, and then say it in your own way.

M H Ahsan is an India based Journalist working for different print, electronic and new media organizations since last 14 years. He is a writer, director, producer and author of different publications, TV & Film programs and web portals.

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