Prevent Split Ends

Written by Kenia Morales

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•If you have chemical treated hair use special conditioners and shampoos for processed hair. •Do not brush hair while wet. •Take a multi vitamin supplement to ensure your hair is getting allrepparttar necessary nutrients it needs (consult a physician). •Use a live in conditioner •Buy hair products that help prevent split ends ‘heat protector”. •Limitrepparttar 140845 use ofrepparttar 140846 blow dryer, hot irons etc. •Eat a healthy diet. •Avoid or limit sun exposure. ---------------------------------------------- You may reprint this article as long as no changes are made without permission and hyperlink is maintained active.

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Swimsuit Critique

Written by Marvic

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In this day and age, any cosmetic surgery program will show us that it's possible to look like Cindy or Brad, but do we really want to change who we are? I'm not saying ban surgery, it can be a helpful tool. But it is our perogative not to change. We don't have to. We can stay as we are.

But what about that scary reflection inrepparttar swimsuit? Once you know every inch of curve AND lump, it's like meeting an old friend. "Hey, how are you? Still around? I'm glad to see you again." You're comfortable with who you are and non-judgemental, about yourself and others.

Getting to know those inches means taking away allrepparttar 140820 things that "give us meaning" or "identify us" - bling, rides, cribs (doesn't have to be literal). It's about facing who we really are;repparttar 140821 nuts and bolts,repparttar 140822 nitty gritty,repparttar 140823 truth. It does set you free.

So next time someones offers you critism andrepparttar 140824 sting in your eyes has subsided, listen to what they've said. Is there truth in it? Where is it coming from? Who said it and why? Just as some mirrors reflect a better you, some critism is more helpful. Even if it was ill-intended, don't just dismiss it, there's an opportunity to see your truth.

Only when we knowrepparttar 140825 whole truth can we make an educated decision. To change or not to change? Now that isrepparttar 140826 question.

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