Pressure Washing Decks

Written by Randall Madon

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Add approx. 5oz. acid to each gallon of water.

Citrus Acid- Used on hardwoods.

Oxalic Acid- Primarily used on redwoods.

Phosphoric Acid- Used when an unfinished deck has turned "gray".

I'm very hesitant to suggest a pressure level when it comes to cleaning decks because it's just so subjective. One deck will have harder wood than another and

other decks will have softer and harder areas onrepparttar same deck. In this respect only experience can really guide you. As a general rule of thumb userepparttar 145226 least amount of pressure that will getrepparttar 145227 job done.

Test pressure on an inconspicuous area ofrepparttar 145228 deck. The underside works well for this

Excessive Pressure.

Excessive pressure will cause a deck to "furr".This isrepparttar 145229 appearance of small hairlike fibers protruding fromrepparttar 145230 wood.. Your customers will not likerepparttar 145231 way this looks and light sanding will be required to correct this condition.

Ready, Set, Go!

Soakrepparttar 145232 area to be cleaned thoroughly. This serves several purposes but most importantly,repparttar 145233 deck must remain damp throughoutrepparttar 145234 entire cleaning process.

Apply cleaning chemical withrepparttar 145235 applicator of your choice.When just starting out a pump up type sprayer will work nicely. Allow your chemical to dwell for 15-20 minutes. Do not allow to dry. If necessary spray more water or reapply chemical.

If you've sufficiently dampenedrepparttar 145236 deck and haven't dawdled this shouldn't be a big problem.

Clean. Remember when cleaning use low pressure. Never clean againstrepparttar 145237 grain or accrossrepparttar 145238 grain. Feather each pass. The pressure used should be enough to remove dead wood but not enough to cause "furring" Experience will be your best teacher.

Rinse deck thoroughly removing all chemical. Apply nuetralizer/brightener solution, wait 10-15 minutes and rinse well again.

If you are going to seal wait 24 hours if not 48. If you chose your day well rain won't become a problem.

"Furring" Happens.

Sometimes "furring will become apparent even at low pressures. These short hair like fibers arerepparttar 145239 result of a "tearing" action onrepparttar 145240 wood. These will probably be gone in 2-3 weeks but your customer will want them gone sooner than later. Give them a light sanding with a bronze metal scrubbing pad. Use bronze, steel wool can leave rust stains.

What not to leave behind

Here is a general list of things to bring to your job site. Some of this may not apply to you. The point is to always work with a job list to avoidrepparttar 145241 embarrasment or expense of missing that tool you need right now.

Pressure Washer- Cold water gas machine 5.5-11HP commercial grade unit.

(Hot Washers are also used but at very low temperatures not

exceeding 110F)

Hoses- Sufficient lengths of both pressure hose and supply hose.

Brooms/Blower- A stiff bristled push broom (not metal) and/or a gas powered leaf


Chemical applicator - Pump-up type sprayer or Flo-Jet type sprayer

Mixing Buckets - 2or3 5 gallon plastic mixing buckets.

Mixers- Drill type chemical mixer.

Respirator- Cartridge type with spares

(When working with high caustics and acids)

Face and Eye Protection- Some type of helmet with face shield.

Cordless Drill- With phillips screwbit and chuck large enough to accomodate

chemical mixer.

Hammer- If nails are required.

Deck Screws, Nails and Bolts- As required, use galvanized only.

Duct tape, Clear plastic sheeting,Cardboard- To protect areas

Extension Cords- Must be adequate length and gauge. 12 gauge minimum.

Electric Rotary Sander- With 60 and 80 grit sandpaper

Knee Pads- You didn't think you'd always be standing when sanding did you?

Remember practice makes perfect get out there and start learning.

Randall Madon is the founder and president of ATT Pressure Supply along with a new educational resource site Learn More

The Joy Of A Patio Awning

Written by Matthew Anthony

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If we look first atrepparttar issue of beauty, of livening up a patio space, patio awnings so often justrepparttar 145168 ticket. There is such an extensive variety of patio awnings onrepparttar 145169 market today, that no matter what a personís preference might be, they will surely be able to find precisely what they might desire. Patio awnings can be selected to add a dash of color torepparttar 145170 patio scene. Additionally, patio awnings come in a wide range of styles that allows a person to accent an outdoor space exactly like he or she thinks proper. Whether a traditional awning fabric is selected or whether a modernistic aluminum awning contrivance is chosen, a person can decorate and improverepparttar 145171 space torepparttar 145172 degree that perfectly matches his or her tastes and desires.

In addition to adding a bit of colour and interest to a patio, patio awnings are also entirely practical. As previously mentioned, patio awnings are an ideal method of controllingrepparttar 145173 amount of sunlight that is allowed ontorepparttar 145174 patio area itself. Easily adjustable, patio awnings can be adjusted to allow justrepparttar 145175 right amount of sunlight ontorepparttar 145176 patio. Inrepparttar 145177 end, a person can enjoyrepparttar 145178 patio at whatever time of day they should choose. No longer will he or she need to manage his or her time aroundrepparttar 145179 sunís rise and fall inrepparttar 145180 sky.

Matthew Anthony has contributed to many home improvement sites including articles about patio awnings and conservatory blinds.

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