Press Releases vs. Advertising Or How To Get Free Publicity for Your Business

Written by Robert Wardrick

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For Immediate Release

NEWS RELEASE HEADING HERE (ALL CAPS) Sub-Heading Here (Lower Case) (Your City/State)---Put Your News Story Here - Write in Paragraphs of five-six double-spaced lines each.

--End-- -------------------------------------------------------------- Some editors may run your release "as is" while other will edit it.

(e) email Press Releases vs. Fax or U.S. Postal Service.

Many publications will accept email and fax press releases, but you should inquire first. Keep a log of who you submit press releases. When you get publicity saverepparttar clipping and post them on your website, and in your ezines and include them in your next press kit.

(f)News editors receive thousands of press release daily, persistent and patient can produce free publicity rewards.

Footnote: Using press releases is also an excellent way for ezine publishers to have fresh new content.

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Ask Mr. D - Pop-Up Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

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Personally, I don't mind pop-ups as long as they are used in moderation. But, I hate it when I visit a site that drowns me in an avalanche ofrepparttar things.

Byrepparttar 101096 way, I userepparttar 101097 little critters myself, but in moderation. If you decide to install they on your site, I think you will find them to be very effective. But, I urge you to use them sparingly.

Be sure to let me know how it goes if you decide to them a try.

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