Press Releases Can Increase Search Engine Positioning

Written by Karon Thackston

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1. Choose keywords that can be easily included in your release. 2. Incorporate keywords into your headline where possible.

Incorporating Press Releases Into Your Site

Next, you’ll want to develop a page structure that caters torepparttar search engine spiders. Because spiders follow links, you’ll have to open a door from your home page torepparttar 108117 section of your site that housesrepparttar 108118 releases.

First, add a link to your navigation bar that points to a “press release directory.” Onrepparttar 108119 directory page, list each individual release with a one- or two-sentence summary and a link torepparttar 108120 entire content ofrepparttar 108121 release.

Then create a separate page for each release you write. Usingrepparttar 108122 keywords you’ve researched forrepparttar 108123 content, write a title and description tag for each page. Then upload everything to your host’s server. Oncerepparttar 108124 pages are spidered, you’ll find numerous new roads leading fromrepparttar 108125 engines to your site.

With just a little more effort than you would normally give, your press releases can pull “double duty.” Through a push-pull effect, your releases can be pushed toward media outlets for additional exposure, and they can also pull visitors back to your site throughrepparttar 108126 use of search engines. The result? Even afterrepparttar 108127 initial media explosion over your releases takes place, they’ll be working to drive traffic to your site and increase your search engine positioning.

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How Freelancers Can Expand Their Business Using Personal Coaching

Written by Chris Marlow

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Issues common torepparttar business of freelancing include making more money, getting more clients, getting paid what you’re worth, and working forrepparttar 108116 companies or industries that respect copywriters and designers, and that pay well.

Marketing is another area in which coaching is helpful. Copywriters grapple with getting samples and gettingrepparttar 108117 results of their lead-generating or order-generating campaigns. They wonder how to go about doing a successful lead-generating campaign for themselves. And they wonder how best to sell themselves to a potential client once they do have a “hot” lead.

There’s also things to know about copywriting that a writer may never find out about. For instance, do you know how some copywriters are able to make millions of dollars each year? (They create their own products and use their master copywriting skills to sell them.)

Did you know that in some industries, you can get paid royalties for writing a direct mail piece, just like book authors do? (Publishing and alternative health are two big ones.)

And did you know that many “high powered” copywriters don’t do allrepparttar 108118 work themselves? (Most ofrepparttar 108119 famous guys use “copy chiefs,” sometimes as many as five, to go over an order- generating piece, until it has its best chance of winning inrepparttar 108120 mail, onrepparttar 108121 Internet, or inrepparttar 108122 case of a print ad, in a magazine.)

If I had known what I now know when I started out in this fascinating business, I might have made different choices. But even if I had not, one thing is for sure, and that’s that I would have achieved success much sooner.

If you’re ever in a quandary, or if you’re goal-oriented and want to build a successful freelancing business as quickly as possible, now you know someone who will give yourepparttar 108123 support and information you need. For more on personal coaching for copywriters, designers, and other business freelancers, visit

A veteran freelancer and award-winning copywriter, Chris Marlow offers business coaching to new, aspiring, and seasoned business freelancers who want to accelerate their success. She can be reached via or via email Publishers please respond to: © Chris Marlow, 2004 All rights reserved.

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