Press Releases: Anyone Else Want A #1 Ranking?

Written by Jessica Dolce

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You don't have to be a writer to put out a good press release. Just write in your own natural style,repparttar way you feel most comfortable and keep it short and simple. Your press release has to be newsworthy so make sure is NOT a blatant advertisement for what you are selling.

Your press release should also be properly formatted. To get a good idea on how to properly format your press release you can visit this link:

Once you are done writing your press release it's time to submit it torepparttar 128302 news wire services online. Many press release or wire services online charge you a fee. But there are also a few of them that you can submit to online at no cost.

Here are a few ofrepparttar 128303 sites you can submit your press release to at no charge: http:/

There you have it. This article isn't a complete guide by any means to writing press releases so you may want to go to your favorite search engine and do some research.

But hopefully, this article got you thinking "outsiderepparttar 128304 box" by writing and optimizing your press release forrepparttar 128305 search engines.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start including press releases in your marketing strategy today!

Who knows, you may even get a #1 ranking!

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How To Get Indexed By Search Engines...Fast

Written by David Bell

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9. If your Web site fails to respond whenrepparttar search engine spider pays a visit, you will not be indexed. Even worse, if you are indexed and they pay a visit when your site is down, you'll often be removed from their database! Therefore, it pays to have a reliable hosting service that is up 99.5% ofrepparttar 128301 time. However, at some point a spider is going to hit that other 0.5% and end up yanking your pages by mistake. Therefore, it pays to keep a close eye on your listings.

10. If you have ever used any questionable techniques that might be considered an overt attempt at spamming (i.e., excessive repetition of keywords, same color text as background, or other things thatrepparttar 128302 WebPosition Page Critic warns you about), an engine may ignore or reject your submissions. If you're having trouble getting indexed inrepparttar 128303 expected amount of time, make sure your site is spam-free.

11. If your site contains redirects or meta refresh tags these things can sometimes causerepparttar 128304 engines to have trouble indexing your site. Generally they will indexrepparttar 128305 page that it is redirecting TO, but if it thinks you are trying to "trick"repparttar 128306 engine by using "cloaking" or IP redirection technology, there's a chance that it may not indexrepparttar 128307 site at all.

12. If you're submitting to a directory site like Yahoo, Open Directory, NBCi, Looksmart, or others, then a human being will review your site. They must deciderepparttar 128308 site is of sufficient "quality" before they will list it. I recommend you readrepparttar 128309 submission guide onrepparttar 128310 directory tab ofrepparttar 128311 WebPosition Submitter. It contains tips to improve your chances of obtaining a good listing on these directories.

13. A number of engines no longer index pages residing on many common free web hosting services. The common complaint fromrepparttar 128312 engines is that they get too many "junk" or low-quality submissions from free web site domains. Therefore, they often choose not to index anyone from those domains or they limit submissions from them. It's always best to buy your own domain name (very important) and place it on a respected, paid hosting service to avoid being discriminated against.

14. Some engines have been known to drop pages that cannot be traveled to fromrepparttar 128313 home page. HotBot has been rumored to do this. You may want to consider submitting your home page that links either directly or indirectly to your doorway pages.

15. Make sure you're submitting withinrepparttar 128314 recommended limits. Some engines do not like more than a certain number of submissions per day forrepparttar 128315 same domain. If you exceedrepparttar 128316 limit, you may find that all your submissions are ignored. Fortunately, WebPosition's submitter will warn you regarding current limits and recommend you stay within them. Some submission consultants feel it is dangerous to submit more than ONE page a day to a engine for a given Web site. For those who wish to be ultra-conservative in their approach,repparttar 128317 WebPosition Submitter includes a checkbox to limit submissions to one URL per day per engine.

16. Last but not least, sometimesrepparttar 128318 engines just lose submissions at random through technical errors and bugs. Therefore, some people like to resubmit once or twice a month for good merit in case they do lose a submission. Certainly if you've followed allrepparttar 128319 "rules" and are still not listed, re-submit! Sometimes a little persistence is all that's needed.

If any ofrepparttar 128320 above scenarios apply to your submission, you should makerepparttar 128321 necessary adjustments and re-submit. If that still does not work, you should consider e-mailing or callingrepparttar 128322 search engine and asking them politely why you have not been indexed yet. Sometimes they will reply back with "Sorry, there was a problem with our system and I've now made sure you'll be indexed withinrepparttar 128323 next couple days." Or, sometimes they'll tell you why you were not indexed. In other cases, they will ignore your e-mail and you'll have to keep e-mailing or calling them until they respond. Still, it's definitely worthrepparttar 128324 effort to get your site listed withrepparttar 128325 major engines assuming you also takerepparttar 128326 time to optimize your pages so you'll achieve top rankings. I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

David Bell is Manager, Online Marketing, at , a leading Search Engine Optimization services firm and Advertising Agency.

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