Press Release - Man's Restored Image

Written by Gloria Minatti

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Minatti also writes that it is notrepparttar body that makes a man human, it is his spirit. ďAs Godís self-knowledge lies inrepparttar 108378 eternal Spirit, so manís self-knowledge is by his own spirit, and his knowledge of God is by direct union ofrepparttar 108379 Spirit of God withrepparttar 108380 spirit of man. I cannot overstressrepparttar 108381 importance of this in our forward walk into our destiny as sons of God,Ē Minatti writes.

Minatti has ministered all overrepparttar 108382 United States and in March began her 2004 worldwide tour inrepparttar 108383 Philippines. She has taught classes on healing, prayer, praise and worship, Christian meditation and Spiritual studies. She isrepparttar 108384 founder ofrepparttar 108385 Beyondrepparttar 108386 Veil newsletter, which is circulated monthly aroundrepparttar 108387 world, and also founder and president of Manís Restored Image Ministries Inc.

The author resides in Laurel, Md., with her two sons. Recently widowed, she has reached hundreds with her ministry, declaring that God is a healer of all infirmities.

She is founder of Beyond the Veil Newsletter distributed around the world, also Founder of Man's Restored Image Ministries Inc.. She is an ordained minister with 18 years of experience in spiritual studies. Ms. Minattiís spiritual journey directed her to minister to basketball legend/entrepreneur Michael Jordan. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and a licensed Fitness/Nutrition Specialist.

"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 3

Written by Bluedolphin Crow

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Now, those of you who are selling your ebook there is an easy way to accomplish this. You simply make another copy of your ebook, and this time you password protect most of it.

You should allowrepparttar buyer to seerepparttar 108377 table of contents and one or two chapters for free. Then when they want to readrepparttar 108378 rest ofrepparttar 108379 ebook they have to buy it.

I have also found it is better to stay away fromrepparttar 108380 automated programs when dealing withrepparttar 108381 freeware/shareware sites. They do not includerepparttar 108382 best sites and many ofrepparttar 108383 sites will not list you if you use them.

Although this is a way to really increase your sales, don't fall prey torepparttar 108384 one mistake many eMarketers make. Many of them list their eBook on a few of freeware/shareware sites, get a jump in sales and then promptly forget to list atrepparttar 108385 rest ofrepparttar 108386 sites.

Your goal with Freeware/shareware sites is to maintain a large steady increase of sales not just a temporary jump.

Here is one ofrepparttar 108387 Freeware/shareware sites that allow you to list your eBook for free. Plus, they will list you on all 6 of their sites atrepparttar 108388 same time!

Happy listing!

Blessings, Bluedolphin Crow

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Bluedolphin Crow Ph.D. is a Native American with 6 years Internet Marketing Experience and 20 years Sales and Marketing experience. The above article is an excerpt from her upcoming eBook: eBook-Marketing-Secrets-Revealed! To reserve your FREE copy before publication (A $49 value) send a blank email to: "How to eBooks - Free eZine:

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