Present your statistics in context for more impact

Written by Helen Wilkie

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Donít you thinkrepparttar jury is more likely to agree when given this background explanation?

Here are three ways to put figures in context for your audience.

1. Compare them to something to which they can personally relate, as inrepparttar 119451 courtroom example.

2. Compare them to a similar situation. If a new manufacturing process takes fifteen minutes, mention thatrepparttar 119452 old one took two hours, so we save 1-3/4 hours. For even more effect, tell them how much time this will save in an average shift or on a certain number of product units. Go further and translate that time into money andrepparttar 119453 statistic will now be a strong argument for change.

3. Create vivid word pictures to illustrate size: Thatísrepparttar 119454 equivalent of five football fields. Thatís enough to fill ten Olympic-size swimming pools. If laid end-to-end they would stretch from New York to L.A. and back again.

Statistics can be great persuaders, but only whenrepparttar 119455 audience hasrepparttar 119456 means to evaluate them.

Helen Wilkie is a professional keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and author whose latest book is "The Hidden Profit Centeróa tale of profits lost and found through communication." For more on presentation, visit While you're on the site, sign up for Communi-keys and receive monthly communication techniques directly from Helen.

How to Command the Respect of Your Team

Written by Mike Bosse

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As I reflect onrepparttar experiences in my life it becomes clear very quickly why this is. When I joinedrepparttar 119450 military I hadrepparttar 119451 opportunity to see this exact style of leadership in action. I found thatrepparttar 119452 leaders who where loved byrepparttar 119453 unit, who commandedrepparttar 119454 respect ofrepparttar 119455 men, and who without question would be followed into a hail of on coming bullets, where those whorepparttar 119456 men saw as Ďfather figuresí.

All men who command this kind of following have one thing in commonÖ

They honestly care aboutrepparttar 119457 well-being of there men.

No man or women will follow you willingly unless they know that you have there best interest in mind. You cannot forcerepparttar 119458 loyalty or respect of your team. Leaders who care for every person on there team are, not surprisingly, alsorepparttar 119459 ones who producerepparttar 119460 best results, because there teams care about them, and love working with them.

I blindly followed my father because I knew that he cared for me and would never allow misfortune to come to me if he could help it. Because of this, I also wanted to make him proud. The men and women you lead arerepparttar 119461 same way. They seek approval, desire respect, and want to be lead by someone who is more concerned about them, than about their wallet.

Give your team respect and care about them as people, and you will see an amazing change inrepparttar 119462 attitudes and production of your team. True concern for your people builds respect, loyalty and great results. You will find that when you give to your team, they will give back to you.

Respectfully, Mike Bosse

Mike Bosse is the founder of He is also the editor for the "LeadershipForge Newsletter" a weekly publication which reveals hidden methods to improve your leadership skills in a goal oriented world.

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