Preselling. Your Pathway to Success

Written by Chris Ryan

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Sure, CNN will be full-video in 5 years. But I can ALREADY watch TV!

Sure,repparttar "BIGCOs" ofrepparttar 108362 world are moving their current business online, and will become progressively more visually oriented.

But that reducesrepparttar 108363 Net to a more efficient catalog or a faster way to do business.

Small business people will remainrepparttar 108364 backbone,repparttar 108365 real reason forrepparttar 108366 Net to even exist. And THAT Internet will STAY text-based for at least 10 years, likely much longer. -----SIDEBAR----

Phew, glad I got THAT off my chest. Now, where was I? Oh yes,repparttar 108367 Web is a TEXT communication medium. However...

Somewhere alongrepparttar 108368 way, we have become obsessed with everything except how to write that TEXT. I can't overemphasize its supreme importance. ANYONE who communicates onrepparttar 108369 Net, even if it's only via e-mail, NEEDS this book. (It is "#1 must reading" for our support staff.)

In truth, it's not ONLY for online marketers...

EVERONE needs this book. EVERYONE.

If you don't insist that your children READ this book, you're doing them a disservice. If you don't tell YOUR audiencerepparttar 108370 same thing, you're doing THEM a disservice.

Ditto forrepparttar 108371 children of your audience!

As I said above, MYCPS! shows you, step by step, clearly...

1) how to write to COMMUNICATE

2) how to develop your own "voice" with flair and substance

3) how to spin your site/biz/self into a unique position

4) how to honestly convince people to trust and like you.

No other book inrepparttar 108372 world shows you how to do this. We live in a world where communication isrepparttar 108373 #1 skill set of value. Without that skill, you're doomed.

THAT is why this book is so important. And THAT is why I call this book... ------- ---3--- -------

"One Heck Of A Paddle"

That state of writing inrepparttar 108374 english world is absolutely abysmal. And there is no reason for it. If anything is holding small business back onrepparttar 108375 Internet, it's writing.

Most small businesses can't afford to hire a writer.

And most small business people can't write.

So where does that leave them onrepparttar 108376 Web, whererepparttar 108377 written word is king?

It leaves them up a certain creek, without a paddle.

Well, MYCPS! is one heck of a paddle.

When we think of "writing," we think of Hemingway. But...

Hemingway had a gift.

Writing to PREsell is not a gift.

Writing to PREsell does not REQUIRE a gift.

Writing to PREsell is a skill you can ACQUIRE.

MYCPS! helps you acquire that skill.

It helps EVERYONE acquire that skill.

And I do mean EVERYONE. -----

Which brings me to where this book belongs...

In EVERYONE'S hands. That's why... Check it out here: Discover how to Create a Web site that Sells.

Regards Chris Ryan. The Six Simple Steps to Online Success

Aussie male and web master of The Six Simple Steps to Online Success. Residence: The wonderful Perth. Western Australia.

How To Bring In Your First $100,000 With Infoproducts

Written by Jeff Smith

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24 Affiliate Promotions X $400 = $9,600/year

Step 4. Show People The Solution - Videos

Technology has advanced torepparttar point where you can easily produce very high quality videos from your own home office.

These videos can be tutorials showing screen shots, interviews with experts or a combination of camcorder shots with screen shots.

Now, there is tremendous money to be made in developing multimedia based products - however we will be very conservative with our estimates here, we'll assume you develop this product 6-months into your business and that it will be a $47 DVD (in reality they can often be priced much higher - depending onrepparttar 108361 topic and uniqueness of content) --

25 sales X $47 = $1175/month or $7050/6months

Step 5. Offer Services

If you have selected your market carefully, tapped into a wave of demand and offered a unique solution or system to solve a particular problem - then people will come to you looking for help beyond your product.

Offering consulting, coaching, mentoring, implementation or other services may not be your first goal, butrepparttar 108362 requests will come and you may as well prepare by pricing and marketing your services in advance.

To this day, I still fight most consulting engagements - I simply love creating products too much. But offering consulting or other services does bump up your monthly income and is a great way to stay in touch with your market - first hand.

Typical consulting rates range from $150-$300/hour. For this example, I'll assume minimal consulting at just 10-hours per month and assume your first consulting income will not be generated forrepparttar 108363 first 6-months as you build your customers and reputation.

10hours/month X $150/hour = $1,500/month or $9,000/6months


So far we haverepparttar 108364 following:

$40,200 from main product $6,660 paid teleseminars $32,160 additional products from recording teleseminars $9,600 from related affiliate products $7,050 from video/multimedia products $9,000 from consulting and services

TOTAL $104,670

What I have outlined here is a completely reasonable, and in many cases, very conservative estimate of what you can do in your first year of becoming an infopreneur.

It'srepparttar 108365 model I followed, as have most other online marketing success stories. Whilerepparttar 108366 split of numbers may look different,repparttar 108367 categories are pretty consistent.

Most important is that you select a target market and niche demand that is red-hot, in-demand and that people have provenrepparttar 108368 propensity to spend.

From there, you will find that blowingrepparttar 108369 estimates used above out ofrepparttar 108370 water is a very realistic possibility.

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