Preparing for your wedding Part I

Written by Nily Glaser

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Choose memento gifts forrepparttar bridal party (Personalized gifts such as candles become treasured keepsakes and… they will never forget your anniversary.)

Have you chosen your Wedding rings? Don't forget to purchase a ring bearer pillow and honor someone dear and special with being your rings bearer.

If you are Jewish, don't forget to order a Mazal-Tov Glass bag forrepparttar 131079 glass breaking ceremony.

Think about how to add your own personal touches you wish to add.

Securerepparttar 131080 musicians, photographer, and videographer.

Treat yourself to a hand crafted bridal album if you can.


Arrange for transportation torepparttar 131081 wedding ceremony, fromrepparttar 131082 ceremony torepparttar 131083 reception and for afterrepparttar 131084 reception

The Reception Needs

The reception site

Flowers, candles and centerpieces to decoraterepparttar 131085 reception hall andrepparttar 131086 tables Bar

Catering / food and drinks

Wedding cake


Photographer, Videographer, and wedding album package.

Favors for incredible chocolates check out J'Kadmel Candy Co.

Afterrepparttar 131087 Reception Needs

Lingerie, cologne, additional personal honeymoon preferences

Hotel reservations

Honeymoon package

I hope that this information will assist you and make your planning easier. Don't get panicky. Enjoyrepparttar 131088 preparation for your wedding. And keep mementos. When you have treasured keepsakes, you will look back to this day and you will smile and enjoyrepparttar 131089 memories.

Have a one-of-a-kind wedding day to remember and a happy and rewarding life together.

Nily Candles By Nily Personalized candles for any reason for any season. Make today's special moments tomorrow's treasured keepsakes. If you can think it, I can candle it and so can you. Ask me how.

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7 Organizing Ideas for New Mothers

Written by Barbara Myers

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5. Plan on relaxing your housekeeping standardsrepparttar first year after baby's arrival. Focus onrepparttar 131077 baby's and your needs. Aside from basic clothes washing and meals,repparttar 131078 house can wait.

6. Develop a feeding "system." If nursing, have a small bag filled withrepparttar 131079 essentials: small pillow, blanket, bottle of water, cloth, which you can grab at a moment's notice when baby is hungry.

7. Make lists. It only takes a moment to jot down errands to run, items to buy and things to do. The next time someone offers to help, you'll know exactly what needs to be done (and maybe if they seerepparttar 131080 list, they'll help even more).

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