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Written by Christine Stander

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Having previously dabbled in all three of these areas myself, I can appreciatively say that developers prefer to be handed an accurate story board ofrepparttar site that they are intended to build, including a detailed page by page briefing. Just like site visitors, it is not inrepparttar 141170 developer’s job description to determine where design meets copy orrepparttar 141171 initial ideas ofrepparttar 141172 initiator ofrepparttar 141173 project.

Ensuring thatrepparttar 141174 various departments converse at least once pre-site design is vital, and will ensure thatrepparttar 141175 website launched will depictrepparttar 141176 story board initially requested.

It was quite a change for me as a previous “old school” developer to change torepparttar 141177 W3 Standards, but I must admit that it really isrepparttar 141178 best way to ensure cross browser compatibility. No more having multiple browsers open to ensurerepparttar 141179 design is always standard. I will recommend this to anyone still developing “old school”.

Ensuring content deliversrepparttar 141180 most effective message, capturingrepparttar 141181 audience whilst still enticingrepparttar 141182 search engines isrepparttar 141183 third part torepparttar 141184 equation. Also confirm that your page titles accurately conveyrepparttar 141185 message ofrepparttar 141186 page.

Gone arerepparttar 141187 days or writing M-amount of key-words within content to try and push your pages higher. Content is king inrepparttar 141188 land of search engine optimization. You will often find that just by writing relevant, on-topic contentrepparttar 141189 copy is optimized by default. Both spiders and visitors will appreciate this from your site.

Bring onrepparttar 141190 Traffic

It is great watching these areas coming together and preparing forrepparttar 141191 website launch. Now that your site is built as optimally as it could be: great design, relevant persuasive content and development strategy that reaches all markets, all you require isrepparttar 141192 traffic.

Consulting with a media strategist at this time is definitely recommended. They would be able to confirmrepparttar 141193 best methods for your niche ofrepparttar 141194 market. Whether you should concentrate solely on natural search or tie in with a paid search marketing campaign. A mail shot is always a good idea – especially ifrepparttar 141195 site has been revamped. The latest craze is Affiliate Marketing, a very effective way to market your website with proven returns on investment. A media strategist would be able to confirm whether your site needs all four or if one of these areas would suffice.

Follow Through

Your site is launched, you have an effective media strategy in place and traffic is booming. Is thisrepparttar 141196 end ofrepparttar 141197 site lifecycle, certainly not!

Don’t letrepparttar 141198 attention of your site slip merely because it has launched and expect it to fend for itself onrepparttar 141199 World Wide Web.

Acquire a good log file analyzer program and keep tracking and measuringrepparttar 141200 performance of your site.

To ensure that your site stays at peak performance you will constantly be required to analyzerepparttar 141201 traffic, visitor navigation throughrepparttar 141202 site as well as your search engine optimization levels.

Involve your visitors. Place feedback forms on your site and request that visitors tell you where, or if they require more detailed information, or have suggestions for improvement ofrepparttar 141203 experience.

It is for them that you have built this site, and without them, your site would be a lonely satellite in a populated galaxy.

Christine Stander is a professional search engine optimisation and online marketing strategist with experience in many facets of search marketing, user behaviour analysis and brand management. For more information on services offered, kindly refer to:

SEM – Viral and Affiliate Marketing Differences Explained (Pt2)

Written by Christine Stander

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Advertisers pay for results rather than paying to reach a particular audience or gathering a certain amount of traffic. Publishers advertiserepparttar products or services offered byrepparttar 141153 advertisers in exchange for commissions on actions. Publishers display ads, banners, text links or products on their website and via email campaigns.

The actions are mostly recorded by way of cookies which are set onrepparttar 141154 visitor’s browser identifyingrepparttar 141155 advertiser, publisher andrepparttar 141156 specific action incurred.

Affiliate Marketing is a very friendly and open way of advertising. Publishers choose who they would like to advertise, thus are able to include relevant content whilst making commission for advertising them. Paying only for performance removes much ofrepparttar 141157 risk fromrepparttar 141158 merchants and places it uponrepparttar 141159 affiliates. The only risk that merchants need be aware of may be in a worst case scenariorepparttar 141160 risk of fraud from partner sites.

Both Amazon and eBay are ofrepparttar 141161 first significant adopters ofrepparttar 141162 affiliate marketing technique and now have substantial affiliate relationships measuring inrepparttar 141163 hundreds and thousands.

Adopting Comprehensive Media Strategies

All fourrepparttar 141164 media that have been discussed within this article, namely natural and paid search, viral and affiliate marketing may be used independently from each other, and may deliver very effective results for your website.

If your product or service lies within a very competitive niche ofrepparttar 141165 market however, a comprehensive implementation comprising all four should be considered to achieverepparttar 141166 maximum return on investment.

Christine Stander is a professional search engine optimisation and online marketing strategist with experience in many facets of search marketing, user behaviour analysis and brand management. For more information on services offered, kindly refer to:

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