Preparing Your House To Sell – Understanding The “Buyer’s Fantasy”

Written by Reba Collins

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Kitchen & Bathrooms – Once inside,repparttar two rooms that go throughrepparttar 149547 most scrutiny arerepparttar 149548 bathrooms andrepparttar 149549 kitchen. These rooms MUST be immaculately clean. They also must look like they have lots of room. To accomplish this:

· clean thoroughly, especiallyrepparttar 149550 floors, toilets, sinks and tubs

· be sure there is no mold or mildew to be found

· checkrepparttar 149551 grout inrepparttar 149552 tubs and sinks, it needs to be white – bleach it or re-grout if it’s necessary

· clear your counter-tops as much as possible – inrepparttar 149553 bath, leave out only one decorative item, inrepparttar 149554 kitchen leave out onlyrepparttar 149555 necessary appliances, as few as possible

· clear everything offrepparttar 149556 front and top ofrepparttar 149557 fridge

· put all cleansers and cleaning items out of sight

· pack for moving some ofrepparttar 149558 stuff inrepparttar 149559 cabinets, you only want them to be about 60%-70% full

· put all personal items away, there should be no clutter, no bills or mail laying out, no personal items pinned to a bulletin board or attached torepparttar 149560 fridge with a magnet

Remember, you want to continuerepparttar 149561 fantasy. The potential buyer should be able to imagine that when they move in, there will be plenty of space to grow. You don’t want to remind him that he’ll have to do any cleaning, seeing cleaning products is a reminder. The personal items? Do your best, it’s hard forrepparttar 149562 “buyer’s fantasy” to be fulfilled when your photos and personal items are everywhere, you want him to imagine “his” personal items in those spaces, having yours there makes it harder for his imagination.

Living Areas / Bedrooms

The rest ofrepparttar 149563 house needs to followrepparttar 149564 same rules as above.

· everything needs to be clean

· keep floors mopped and vacuumed

· make all beds every morning

· keep clutter out of sight

· if you have a room that’s an odd color, paint it an off-white color. Light colors make rooms look bigger and off-white will go with every decorating scheme –repparttar 149565 “buyer’s fantasy” doesn’t include any time for re-painting

· if you have repairs to make, get them done

· if carpets need to be cleaned, clean them

Making your space appear bigger is your goal, again, you wantrepparttar 149566 “buyer fantasy” to continue. You want your house to appear so roomy thatrepparttar 149567 buyer won’t be able to fillrepparttar 149568 space. Eliminating some of your furniture may help a room look bigger and packing away some ofrepparttar 149569 stuff in your closets will help sell your house as one that has “lots of storage space”. Your goal should be for your closets to only be 50%-60% full.

Packing Tip

Here’s a tip to help you get your cabinets and closets down to 50% full – go ahead and start packing for your eventual move. Yeah, why not? Your goal is to sell your house, right? So you’ll be moving, right? Then go ahead and get some of it done and here’s a helpful tip to get you started and make unpacking in your new home easier as well.

Most people have stuff they

A. use every day

B. use sometimes

C. rarely use

Start by packing your “C” items in nice stackable boxes that aren’t too large so they’re easy to handle. Markrepparttar 149570 side ofrepparttar 149571 each box with whererepparttar 149572 stuff came from, i.e.,repparttar 149573 closet, which room it came from, i.e., Brittany’s Room, and put a BIG letter “C” onrepparttar 149574 side. Maybe even use some bright paper, like yellow or orange and tape it torepparttar 149575 side withrepparttar 149576 letter written really big with a Magic Marker. Stack these boxes inrepparttar 149577 garage, people don’t much care how crowdedrepparttar 149578 garage is, they just figure you’ve started packing. The “buyer’s fantasy” doesn’t put those items back intorepparttar 149579 house.

If that doesn’t get your closets and cabinets down to where you want them, then start packing your “B” items. If you use bright colored paper to mark your “Cs” and “Bs”, use one color for all your “Cs” and a different color for all your “Bs”.

When it’s time for you to move, you will then have to pack all your “A” items. Again, use yet a different color of paper. Now, when you get to your new home, you won’t have to unpack everything at once and you’ll know which boxes you’ll need immediately.

Hopefully your situation will allow you to use some of these strategies to help you getrepparttar 149580 most money from your home. But don’t let all this stuff stop you from getting your house onrepparttar 149581 market, don’t use allrepparttar 149582 things that need to be done as an excuse to not get going. Do what you can, getrepparttar 149583 house listed, start showing it and keep plugging away.

Good luck withrepparttar 149584 process!

Reba Collins is a homeowner and work at home mom. Follow her journey to sell her home of 18 years at her blog ~ Find out how she copes with all it takes to sell her home and whether or not she follows her own good advise. Also find links, reviews for products, services, contractors and more!

Cities Full of Chaotic Order

Written by Alec Ellis

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Anyway, I did another. While doing this it gave me time to think, I used another piece of charcoal and started a drawing with vertical straight lines, then naturally I put in a horizontal line, a bit of shade and another vertical line, and so on.

Good god! I was drawing edges of buildings, they looked familiar, it was a scene of about anywhere in London, any “alley way”, or terrace house rear. I was at home. I now had a theme, and caught a feeling. While drawing I realised that from all of London’s billions of chaotically placed bricks, drain pipes, windows, curtains, outside toilet cisterns; like in any established city, there was order. A tranquillity has come fromrepparttar variety of chaos, which overrepparttar 149453 years had found its own order. I have started putting them up on my website now, you can seerepparttar 149454 first four atrepparttar 149455 bottom of my “projects” page on my website - these arerepparttar 149456 first, as I mentioned above, butrepparttar 149457 ones I have yet to put up are more intense, and more tranquil. It shows how happy I am with my new discovery, I have already had these four mounted and framed for my wall inrepparttar 149458 studio. I am off up to Sydney next week to take allot of alley way shots, sketch some close views of bricks and drain pipes. The dirtier, uglier, and seedierrepparttar 149459 better.

I loverepparttar 149460 wayrepparttar 149461 front ofrepparttar 149462 house is a face, yetrepparttar 149463 alley ways, in which people are not expected to venture or observe, norrepparttar 149464 rears of terrace housing, are given any real attention. Drain pipes, dirty walls, bins, old fencing, little side windows that still retainrepparttar 149465 fifties or even thirties original curtains,repparttar 149466 curtains that came withrepparttar 149467 house.

A million pieces of chaos come to order... lovely.

Alec Ellis Artist For eighteen years as a Graphic Designer from London College of Printing, UK, I have never had as much fun, freedom and serious focus as I have now.

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