Prepare to Sell!

Written by Audrey Burton

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If you get stuck determiningrepparttar benefits, ask your customers! Why did you buy from us? Ifrepparttar 117188 answer is vague, be willing to go deeper and deeper until you get something tangible. For example: •“I bought from you because I likedrepparttar 117189 furniture.” •You go further – “What did you like about it?” •“It matched my existing office furniture.” •“So, you appreciatedrepparttar 117190 variety we offer? Did you look anywhere else? What did you find there – good and bad? Were there any other reasons you bought from us?”

This may be stressful for you, and you may feel like you’re bugging your customers. Again, put your feet in your customers’ shoes – do you think your customers want you to succeed? If your vendors called to ask you to help them, would you? If you’re still uncomfortable, offer an incentive or gift to customers who help you to do this research.

Another way to define benefits that are important to your prospects is to determine their needs and define their problems. By fully understanding your potential customers’ needs and problems, you can better give them what they want. Sometimes your prospects don’t fully understand their needs and problems, so doing this research in advance and being prepared with this information, you can help them even more.

Now you can talk to anyone about your product!

Audrey Burton, Business and Life Coach. Audrey is a caring, but no-nonsense coach. Audrey’s ultimate goal is to help women to be happy with their work and life. She keeps you focused and motivated by helping you set priorities according to only your agenda. To sign up for her free, monthly email newsletter and to better understand how she works, visit her website at You only live once – love your life today.

How to get free traffic to your website

Written by Rebecca Gilbert

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Maybe your new torepparttar Internet business and don't have enough experience to write about anything pertaining torepparttar 117187 Internet business. No problem there either. Everyone has some life experience that they can write about. Maybe you're a stay at home mom and your good at changing diapers. You better believe that there is a mother to be out there somewhere who is surfingrepparttar 117188 Internet looking for information on how to change diapers.

Now, your probably not going to be able to write an article about changing diapers and get it listed on a home business website. But there are plenty of websites that will accept an article of this nature and still drive traffic to your business site. I would suggest doing a search on your favorite search engine for "submit baby articles" or something of that nature. Be creative, you will never run out of websites willing to accept your article.

After I have completed my article, I will write a short autobiography about myself and include my website address in it. Notice how I have done this atrepparttar 117189 bottom of this article.

The Internet was created withrepparttar 117190 intention of providing information torepparttar 117191 public. Become an information provider and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Remember thatrepparttar 117192 Internet has created more millionaires than any other vessel in history.

Best wishes for your future success and prosperity!

Sincerely, Rebecca Gilbert

Rebecca Gilbert has been a successful entrepreneur since July, 2002. Visit her website for more tools and tips for running a successful Internet business.

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