Prelude to Success -- Overcoming

Written by Joe Bingham

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The 'get rich quick' mentality that was so very prevalent inrepparttar past is finally starting to be destroyed by those of us that have been around a while and know that it's not likely to happen. Still, we often find ourselves wishing that it would happen, at least to us.

Everyday can be a fight to retain our commitment. Every hour can represent a time when either we put forth effort or decide to grow lax.

All in all, there will be no success for any of us until we identify our weaknesses, our shortcomings, and our fears and attack them with allrepparttar 122581 excitement and vigor that is generated when we think ofrepparttar 122582 wealth and lifestyle we are trying to create for ourselves.

Think about yourself now. What is there that you KNOW you are not doing good enough? Is there a fear that stops you? Does your organization need improvement? Are you committed to your goals and your business? Are you putting forthrepparttar 122583 effort you know it will take on a daily basis?

Commitment and effort are no problem for me. However, fear of talking to people I don't know often stops me, and to be quite honest disorganization is killing me.

Right now, together, let's stop and think about those things we know we need to overcome. Now, let's think about our goals and desires. Which of these two items are things that are positive and inspiring? Our goals and desires no doubt.

At this point what we are going to do is redirect our focus. We are NOT going to focus on our obstacles, but rather look right around them atrepparttar 122584 results we expect to achieve when we get beyond them. It never pays to focus on your problems, only to focus onrepparttar 122585 education, motivation, or experience you need to overcome them.

Undeniably,repparttar 122586 most limiting factors inrepparttar 122587 growth of our businesses is our own mental vision, attitude, and confidence. Others may make things difficult for us at times, and things may get inrepparttar 122588 way. Ultimately, though, no one or no thing can stop us other than ourselves.

That's right! And this should actually be a relief to us! Just think,repparttar 122589 only thing stopping us is ourselves, and who controls us? We do! So, what is there that can stop us from becoming exactly what we want to be and living exactlyrepparttar 122590 way we want to live?


As long as we simply overcome.

Everyday is another chance to do better than before. Every moment is a chance to look past our fears and hang-ups and move on around them. Every instant we need only focus on what we want and where we are going instead ofrepparttar 122591 trouble it takes to get there.

Everything we desire IS possible if we do but ONE simple thing.




There is no if and when, there is do and there is now.

Visualize your dreams. Now build them.

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TEN LESSONS FROM A SURVIVOR! (My First Year As A Network Marketer)

Written by Lee Wise

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Ask All The Time!

I ask for help allrepparttar time. I get help from my upline, folks I purchase material from and friends I meet online. A Tip! When you can, returnrepparttar 122580 favor. For instance, Josh Hinds, who writes "Let's Talk Motivation" has been helped me. I just recently sent my downline his link. I have other people who have helped me as well. Write me. I'll give you their names and links!

It never hurts to be grateful. Never! **THE VALUE OF GETTING TO KNOW PEOPLE

I Work With People -- Not A Product!

I just talked with a young mom going through a divorce. She wanted to know more about network marketing. Frankly, she can't join my organization now but I told her to use me for a resource anytime. If I don't knowrepparttar 122581 answer I'll try and get it for her!

I try to keep people in focus.

And that goes for my downline. It may sound a bit strange to you but I've said to select members of my downline many times that I'm praying for them. And I do!

If I ever lose this focus -- even if I'm a "success" -- I won't deserverepparttar 122582 success I may experience. **THE REALITY OF DISCOURAGEMENT

It's Tough!

There just ain't no other word for it.

Expect it. Makerepparttar 122583 mental adjustments. And go on. **THE VALUE OF CREATING WAYS TO HAVE FUN

Is it fun for you to IM? Then get online! Is it fun for you to talk? So talk! Is it fun for you to write? Then write!


Capture The Moments!

Whether it's enrolling someone, getting some hits onrepparttar 122584 website, helping a downline member, or any number of things: "capture" some ofrepparttar 122585 good times. Don't say, "Well, it's just one. It should be ten!"

True. Ten would be better. However, one is still important!

Let The "Highs" Move You On!

Sometimes I like to "use" high moments to propel me to more action. "Okay, Lee. That was neat. Now why not call while you feel this way? You're up. Go for it!!"


I'm Not There Yet!

Honestly, am I where I want to be? No. But I CAN seerepparttar 122586 value of network marketing.

"Seeing" The Potential!

I work at home. I like what I do. As others join my downline they are working for their benefit and mine. Checking your email and finding that someone has just "come aboard" in a downline means that "it's working." There IS potential for growth. Real, solid growth.

And you know what I've found? Understanding that potential has kept me going at times. I can "see" it.

Ten lessons from a first year "newbie." I hope they will help you or someone you know!

The best of success to you and those you love,


Lee is a Seminary administrator, has a part-time business at home, and writes his own motivational mailing entitled "A Moment In Time." You may contact him at or by visiting Permission is given to distribute article. This entire paragraph must be included.

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