Precious Information for Permanent Weight Loss

Written by Isabelle Berard

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Be as precise as possible. You have to be able to know if you've reached your goals. You have to know exactly what you will look like and what you will feel. You have to know that you've finally made it. Keeprepparttar situation in hand. You must not wait until you are happy or until things change by themselves. Make sure that your goals only concernrepparttar 148979 things you are able to take action on and in control. Eat more often The most difficult part of any weight loss program is dealing with food cravings. You can prevent cravings by eating enough throughoutrepparttar 148980 day. Break your meals down into 5 or 6 small ones. Eat nutrient-dense foods Fat burning compatible foods are high in fiber, high in water content, and low in sugar and fat. The idea is to consume foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. The right foods to include are: Lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, sea food, lean meats) Fresh fruits and vegetables Beans and legumes Unsalted, oil-free nuts and seeds Whole grains cereals (whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, couscous) The wrong foods to avoid are: Foods and beverages with sugar White flour, white pasta, white bread, and white rice Chips, cookies, bakeries, chocolate and candies Processed foods containing saturated fat, trans fat or hydrogenated oils Foods that sugar or fat appears first or second onrepparttar 148981 list of ingredients. No matter whererepparttar 148982 calories come from, eating more than you burn will make you gain weight. Some foods are easier to overeat though. High-energy-density foods, that have little fiber or water content, take up very little stomach space. Bustrepparttar 148983 cycle of overeating We often overeat because we are emotionally hungry. That emotional hunger draws us into a cycle, in which emotions trigger overeating, which in turn triggers more stress, depression, boredom, fear, loneliness and emotional emptiness. And sorepparttar 148984 cycle continues. You have to understand why you overeat, then userepparttar 148985 appropriate strategy to get your brain and your body onrepparttar 148986 same healthy path. Here are some solutions, when you're on an urge to eat: Move. Go for a walk or a run or jump rope for 60 seconds. Ride it out. Create a distraction. Call a friend, take a bath, read a book, listen to music. Eat something other than bad foods. Eat a small amount of healthful food. Talk to yourself. Ask "Am I really hungry?" When you discover a distraction or strategy that helps you cope with externally triggered eating, note it on a list, and refer to this listrepparttar 148987 next time. Eat satisfying food. Instead of filling up on junk, eat healthful, nourishing foods that please your palate. Stop eating when you're full. After a binge, reflect on what contributed to it. Discover nonfood ways to cope. Before you start binging, ask yourself: "Is that what I really need?"

Isabelle Berard has lost 52 ponds in 5 months, 10 years ago. She has created www. specifically to help others lose weight and achieve lifetime fitness. You will find precious information and different resources on beauty, fitness, weight loss programs, healthy eating habits, exercise and how to stay motivated.

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #8

Written by Tami Close

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Makerepparttar decision today to gain your power back and loserepparttar 148891 weight. The answers are within you. Keep focused on your goal. Surround yourself with people who will support your decision and release those who won’t. Give uprepparttar 148892 lifestyle that supported your weight gain. Seerepparttar 148893 weight as a gift to you so that you will be conscious in becoming all you can be. We all get off track andrepparttar 148894 weight becomes a reminder that you want something different, something more meaningful. Again, it’s very simple. To quote Wayne Dyer, “Surround yourself withrepparttar 148895 conditions you want to produce.”

Who arerepparttar 148896 people you are going to surround yourself?

Who arerepparttar 148897 people you are going to have limited contact?

Who arerepparttar 148898 people you are going to let go?

Just to let you know what is coming up in January. I’ll be offering a teleconference call to help you outline your goals for 2005. The only cost to you isrepparttar 148899 price ofrepparttar 148900 phone call. I’m so excited to be able to talk to you—I’m shakin’ my booty right now in anticipation.

Remember that you are already whole and complete just as God created you. You’re peeling backrepparttar 148901 layers to discoverrepparttar 148902 beauty that already exists—you only need to see it. Quick, grab a mirror or go stand in front ofrepparttar 148903 mirror and repeat after me. Put energy into these words and smile while you’re saying them.

I amrepparttar 148904 most beautiful person on this earth! I am a wonderful child of God! I am powerful! I am God’s gift torepparttar 148905 world! I am my ideal weight! I love myself!

Thank you for being you!

Love and hugs,


Tami Close uses an integrative method, including cleansing and nutritional products from Isagenix, in her weight loss management practice. She is a #1 best selling co-author, Wake Up...Live the Life You Love Finding Personal Freedom. The other authors include Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and others.

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