Pre Season Football Betting

Written by Daniel B. King

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Generally though, don't bank on your star quarterback killing himself to win a pre season game and don't underestimate a team of rookies - who might be trying to cement their places.

The pre season can be a time of uncertainty where traditional, regular season, handicapping methods go out ofrepparttar window - but with a little thought this can be turned to your advantage and pre season football betting suddenly becomes profitable!

The following Sportsbooks are reputable and coverrepparttar 149552 pre season nfl betting.



Pinnacle Sports

The author is a professional bettor and trader and has been involved in the betting industry for over 8 years.

Time for Brown, Pistons to break up

Written by John Onan

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These two sides met yesterday, reaching no definite conclusion that we could tell. On Thursday, they get together again. If Brown stays, these hints and rumors will continue from today untilrepparttar day he finally does leave. This is Larry Brown were talking about; hes always onrepparttar 149551 way outrepparttar 149552 door. Today isrepparttar 149553 day to put this lunacy to an end. Larry walks away, to either address his health issues, or more than likely, go coachrepparttar 149554 New York Knicks, and Detroit goes ahead with plan B,repparttar 149555 hiring of Flip Saunders, and gets prepared forrepparttar 149556 2005-06 NBA Season.

But, please make your mind up today, guys. Isiah Thomas is waiting impatiently for your decision.

John Onan is sports writer/moderator at the online players union ( and football contributor at he can be reached at

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