Pre-Packaged Web Sites: Don't Settle for Second Best

Written by Keegan Michaels

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"Wait, I don't know anything about web sites. I'll have to hire someone to do it. Isn't that expensive?"

Not at all. Inrepparttar last few years, competition among web designers has become fierce, and hence driven prices down. You can get a pretty good job done for very little money if you just comparison shop a bit. You might even find a web design student who needs portfolio material and is willing to set up your site for free.

Setting up your own site frees you to do exactly as you see fit. Emphasize a different angle ofrepparttar 102620 program, use better graphics, and use a different title to trigger different keyword searches. Make sure your site is attractive, clean and professional looking. Of course you should link back to your affiliate program, (otherwise how will you get paid?) but if you are a member of more than one program, you should consider having a banner ad which links to your other sites, and vice-versa. This way you can really increase your business from all sides.

The key to getting ahead inrepparttar 102621 affiliate world is to stand out fromrepparttar 102622 crowd. With that in mind, using a pre-packaged web site just doesn't make sense. Takerepparttar 102623 time and money to create a unique site. When your sales start to improve, you'll be glad you did.

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Written by Keller Flynn

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If your affiliate program is new, unique, or especially profitable, a press release sent torepparttar right audience can really give you a boost. A well-written press release just placed on your web site can give your program a "newsy" feel that might really impress people.


I can't say enough about word-of-mouth advertising. If you're excited about your affiliate program, talk about it. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, and people onrepparttar 102619 bus all about how you're making money. People who know you are more likely to take you on your word, and if they tell their friends and family... you getrepparttar 102620 picture.

Promoting your affiliate program really isn't very hard, and it can makerepparttar 102621 difference between success and failure. Use these methods, and you're likely to go far.

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