Practical Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Written by Chileshe Mwape

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3. Use Coupon sites and Deal Aggregators These sites provide a wide variety of coupons, promotional codes and discounts acrossrepparttar internet. They lead you to retailers, rather than selling yourepparttar 141158 merchandise directly. Examples: Wow-Coupons, and FatWallet.

4. Use Classifieds or Auction sites With most goods, buying straight fromrepparttar 141159 high street will add a considerable sum torepparttar 141160 price tag. It’s possible to make vast savings by purchasing your item second-hand. You can buy most merchandise cheaper from auction sites such as EBay and Ubid online.

5. Drop Brand Names You can easily get cheaper products by opting for lesser-known names inrepparttar 141161 market. These cheaper items are usually as good as some ofrepparttar 141162 more expensive varieties fromrepparttar 141163 big companies. In some instances, you’ll only be paying forrepparttar 141164 name because some ofrepparttar 141165 products are manufactured byrepparttar 141166 same companies.

There are many other ways to save money while shopping online, but shopping around before you buy makes it easier to getrepparttar 141167 best value on various products and services.

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Using the internet to manage your family’s finance

Written by Rachel Lane

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which ensure that parents can always findrepparttar best deal for their finances, including credit cards, loans, mortgage, life insurance, house insurance, car insurance andrepparttar 141140 children’s savings accounts. Many personal finance sites including moneynet also offer “account aggregation” tools, which allow parents (and non parents!) to manage all of their finances online, including current accounts, savings accounts, loans and credit cards. If you think your household bills are too high, can provide you with a comparison of providers for gas & electricity, water and household communications.

And if that all seems a little too practical, take some time out for a little light relief with This website offers a wealth of information about how to extract useful information fromrepparttar 141141 internet, as well as providing more random suggestions such asrepparttar 141142 science of online games, “design a structure of copper coins” and evenrepparttar 141143 world’s most calorific sandwich.

Rachel writes for the personal finance blog Cashzilla:

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