Powerful Way To Build Your List While Generating Revenue From Affiliate Programs

Written by Vishal Rao

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This is how you should promote any affiliate program.


The idea behind this approach is to *pre-sell* to your visitors. As put in Ken's words (Ken of Make Your Site Sell!)...

Being A Great Affiliate Is *Not* About Selling... ...It's About Pre-Selling

Once you pre-sell, selling becomes easier. Free courses not only do that but *also* follows-up with your prospects.

Here's how to craft your own course...

Most affiliate programs will have a good collection of articles to include in your e-zine/newsletters.

Select some 3-4 real *good* articles and compile them in to a 3-4 day course. Your conversion ratio will directly depend uponrepparttar value of courses offered.

You can use a free no-ad autoresponder service like http://www.freeautobot.com or http://www.sendthisfree.com to deliverrepparttar 102594 course.

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Mr Affiliate

Written by Holly Janion

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3. Supply your affiliates with classified ads and articles. Affiliates want to promote your program but they don't have as much time or knowledge to devote to your program as you do. By providing a range of ads that you know work and articles promoting your program for inclusion in e-zines, you'll be making Mr Affiliate's job a lot easier.

3. Let your affiliates know exactly where to/how to check their stats and if possible, set up your affiliate program to e-mail Mr Affiliate automatically whenever he makes a sale. Affiliates love receiving these e-mails!

4. Keep in touch with your affiliates on a regular basis. Whether its weekly or monthly is up to you, but be consistent. Be helpful to Mr Affiliate, be interesting and he'll look forward to hearing from you.

5. Send your affiliatesrepparttar URL's of places to promote your program. Keep it updated. Again, you don't want Mr Affiliate to have to waste time looking for places to promote, make it easy by providing him with this information.

6. Always answer any questions in a timely and courteous manner. Be personal and let Mr Affiliate know he is a valued member of your team.

7. Be prompt with your payments. Your affiliates have most probably worked hard for their sale/sales so reward them when you say you will. There's nothing as motivating as receiving payment!

By following these simple steps Mr Affiliate will market your product easily and professionally with not that much more effort required. He will be making sales and will no longer just be Mr Affiliate, he will have become Mr Happy Affiliate Making Sales!

And if you can turn all your Mr Affiliates into Mr Happy Affiliate Making Sales, you yourself will go from being simply Mr Affiliate Owner, to Mr Successful, Lying-in-the Sun, Professional Affiliate Owner!

Holly Janion is the webmaster for Wade's World Ltd, an Internet solutions company at http://www.wadesworld-usa.com. Her latest creations can be seen at http://www.wwwtreasurehunt.com and http://www.view-home.com. Holly can be contacted at mailto: webmaster@wadesworld.co.uk

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