Powerful Presentations Build Your Business

Written by Angela Booth

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It's also a good idea to print out some ofrepparttar slides from any presentation you give personally, so that you can leaverepparttar 117354 slide copies withrepparttar 117355 client afterrepparttar 117356 meeting. (Note: don't hand out copies beforerepparttar 117357 meeting. You need to make sure that everyone is paying attention to your presentation.)

==> Control your nerves: rehearsal is everything

Many people hate public speaking. However, if you prepare yourself, you'll be just fine, and each presentation you give will enhance your confidence.

Write your speech out completely. Ask someone else to read it and help you brainstorm ideas. Then leaverepparttar 117358 speech for a week for a gestation period. You'll find that other ideas will come to you, and you can incorporate these.

As you prepare your speech, you can also preparerepparttar 117359 slides in PowerPoint. Use photographs and other graphics, to bring your presentation to life.

When you're happy withrepparttar 117360 speech, learn it. Practise givingrepparttar 117361 speech in front of a mirror, then practise giving it as you click throughrepparttar 117362 slides in PowerPoint.

If you don't have a notebook computer to take with you, take your PowerPoint file along on a disk or CD. You may be able to borrow a computer. If you can't, then giverepparttar 117363 presentation withoutrepparttar 117364 file, but leaverepparttar 117365 presentation CD and notes withrepparttar 117366 decision maker.

==> Who will be atrepparttar 117367 meeting? Pitching to decision makers

Before you set a date and time forrepparttar 117368 meeting, ask who will be attendingrepparttar 117369 meeting. You need to be sure that you'll be making your presentation to a decision-maker inrepparttar 117370 company. If you can't get an assurance thatrepparttar 117371 decision maker will attend, postponerepparttar 117372 meeting until she can attend.

==> Get an agreement before you leaverepparttar 117373 meeting

You've given your presentation. You've made your proposal. Now what?

Now you get an agreement.

This isrepparttar 117374 "close" in sales-speak. It'srepparttar 117375 most important part of your presentation, aside fromrepparttar 117376 WIIFM aspect. Many otherwise competent people skimp onrepparttar 117377 close, because it makes them nervous. However, no matter how nervous you are, you must ask forrepparttar 117378 sale.

So, in our scenario, as you wind up your presentation, you would ask to become a sub-contractor forrepparttar 117379 agency. This will lead to discussion, but unless you get an immediate agreement to sign you up, make sure that you attempt to close at least three more times before you leave.

Inrepparttar 117380 best of all possible outcomes, you won't leaverepparttar 117381 business before you have a check in your hand. This is your aim. So whenrepparttar 117382 decision-maker says: "Yes, that sounds fine, we'd like to put you on our books as a sub-contractor", you say: "Great, can we make a deal now? I'd like a retainer, and _______ (mentionrepparttar 117383 terms of your services agreement). A deposit of $X would be fine."

Good luck with your presentations. They're a sure-fire way to build your business in a hurry.

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Can You Really Make Money with Online Surveys?

Written by James Jones

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But, onrepparttar other hand it's not very hard work either. Most surveys are short. I did one this morning that took less than 5 minutes. It only paid $4.00 but for 5 minutes work I am not going to complain. Yesterday I did one that paid $10.00. Two weeks ago I did a $25.00 one. And a couple of months ago I had one that paid $50. It varies. And sometimes there are very short screener surveys that don't pay anything -- you have to takerepparttar 117353 screeners to see if you qualify forrepparttar 117354 paid surveys.

All in all, it's not a bad way to earn a few extra bucks a month.

James J. Jones is the publisher of the Paid Participation eLetter. You can subscribe at: http://www.getpaidnetwork.com/sub Find out more about Paid Participation programs at: www.getpaidnetwork.com

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