Powerful Email Strategies

Written by Randall Helling

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Here'srepparttar list:

1) Use first names whenever possible. (I'm much more apt to open a message directed to "Randall" vs. "webmaster". In fact, 75% ofrepparttar 109574 emails I just deleted were addressed generically to "webmaster". Hey, if I don't know you and you don't know my name, I probably have little interest in what you are going to tell me.)

2) Mention products, newsletters, URLs, etc. (This helps recipients feel more comfortable with you and shows that you have interest in their business. If I see an email that mentions my website, I at least knowrepparttar 109575 sender has spent some time and/or thought into his/her email. It's worth looking at.)

3) Utilize a 48-hour policy (The online world is fast-paced. People don't hang around very long for answers. The faster you respond to individuals,repparttar 109576 better you look over other competitors. The better you look,repparttar 109577 better your chances at a sale.)

4) Never assumerepparttar 109578 worst (It's easy to read more into emails thanrepparttar 109579 sender may ever have intended. Don't jump to conclusions and think that someone is trying to attack you. My motto is always to respond politely regardless of howrepparttar 109580 original email was worded.)

5) Check before sending (The point here is simply to check your work before you clickrepparttar 109581 send button. When I see miss-spelled words, wrong references, etc. you can almost guarantee that email is inrepparttar 109582 trash.)

Just remember, an effective online marketing campaign starts slowly. Start using these simple strategies to make your emails more personable…and watch your credibility and online business sales grow.

To Your Success, Randall Helling


Article by Randall Helling of Helling Enterprises.  Visit us at http://www.websuccess-online.com for FREE "hands-on" & "how-to" online business success strategies. Featuring internet marketing assistance, software, manuals, web services and much, much more.


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Email List broker brief

Written by John McCabe

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Expected Quantities: Letrepparttar broker know how many you would ideally like to target given budgetary and logistical constraints.

Tests: If you intend to test any lists, make it clear. You will need to knowrepparttar 109573 minimum quantities andrepparttar 109574 rate for test samples (usually 5,000 for consumer files and 3,000 for B2B)

Previous history: If you have previous email results you are able to share with your list broker – these will be extremely useful.

Timing: Any specific dates which must be met, and time required to completerepparttar 109575 html creation and broadcast etc.

Tel: 0121 745 8290 Fax: 0121 733 1939 http://www.ukmarketingmanagement.com

John McCabe is the co-founder of UK Marketing Management a specialist direct marketing agency based in the UK. With 15 years experience of developing direct marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. During the last four years he has concentrated on email marketing, both as a corporate end user and as an agency. During this time he has helped develop the media with list owners, broadcasters and clients - pushing up service levels and quality of data.

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