Power Breathing

Written by Alan Tutt

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One ofrepparttar easiest ways to direct Power is to imagine that it is carried byrepparttar 122196 air you breath. As you breath in, you are bringing Power into your being, and as you breath out, you are sending Power away from you. Your thoughts and feelings will conditionrepparttar 122197 Power while it is inside of you.

Using this image, if you imagine that Power is energizing your body while you are breathing in, then Power is being directed to energize your body. If you imagine that Power is cleansing your mind and emotions while you are breathing out, then Power is being directed to eliminate any tensions and negativity from your mind and emotional nature. And if you combinerepparttar 122198 two images, then Power is being directed towards both goals with a phenomenal result!

There are many uses for Power Breathing, but this is perhapsrepparttar 122199 most useful. Another use for Power Breathing is for healing. If you imagine thatrepparttar 122200 air you are breathing in is bringing healing energies to whatever part of you is less than perfect, then you will be directing Power to heal that part of you. Make sure that you also includerepparttar 122201 image of any negativity or infection being eliminated from your body as you are breathing out.

It is also possible to "breathe in money" and "breathe out poverty". Or you could "breathe in love" and "breathe out loneliness". The possibilities are endless!

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Transforming Negative Beliefs to Positive

Written by Alan Tutt

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Some affirmations that you may want to work with are:

I am a positive person.

I expect everything to work out well for me and everyone else.

Life is getting better and better every day.

Nothing is as bad as I think it is.

Everything is better than I think it is.

I am starting to see more and more positive things in my life.

Divine blessings come to me in every size and shape.

Everything that I experience is a blessing of some kind or another.

I am releasing my negative beliefs. They will no longer affect me.

I enjoyrepparttar positive feelings that are growing within me.

I am a spark ofrepparttar 122195 Divine.

I haverepparttar 122196 same potential as anyone.

I can do anything I set my mind to do.

I am growing in wisdom, experience, and ability.

I can achieve much more now than I ever could before.

People are generally trustworthy. They always try to dorepparttar 122197 right thing.

Everyone doesrepparttar 122198 best they can withrepparttar 122199 understanding they have.

All conflict isrepparttar 122200 result of misunderstanding.

As I understand more, I experience less and less conflict.

Love isrepparttar 122201 true nature of my being.

Love isrepparttar 122202 essence of everyone.

I choose to acknowledgerepparttar 122203 divinity within all people because it will enrich my life.

I am basically a happy person.

The future will be much better than I can even imagine it to be.

Of course, these are only a sampling of what you may eventually work on, but they will give you a good starting point in creating a foundation of positive beliefs to work with.

If you wish, you may take these directly torepparttar 122204 hypnotic process and start programming these beliefs into your inner mind. If you notice any reaction from your inner mind that indicates a rejection ofrepparttar 122205 idea of any of these affirmations, take note of it. You may want to add new affirmations to support and balancerepparttar 122206 first one. You will definitely want to spend more time working on that particular belief.

As you continue to work with a particular belief, you will start to notice thatrepparttar 122207 reactions from your inner mind get quieter and quieter, and eventually drop out altogether. This isrepparttar 122208 process of transformation, and onrepparttar 122209 other side is a positive version of you.

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