Postpartum Exercise - Abdominals And Other Exercises

Written by Beverley Brooke

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Pelvic Tilt This is a great exercise for toning and strengtheningrepparttar stomach, and can be started shortly after delivery.

- Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat onrepparttar 139863 floor.

- Inhale while allowing your abdomen to expand.

- Upon exhaling lift your tailbone toward your belly button, while keeping your hips onrepparttar 139864 floor.

- Atrepparttar 139865 very top ofrepparttar 139866 tilt squeeze and tighten your buttocks for five seconds, then slowly release.

- Repeat.

Standing Pelvic Tilts A variation ofrepparttar 139867 traditional pelvic tilt, you can accomplish this exercise anywhere even onrepparttar 139868 go!

- Stand with your knees bend and legs hip-width apart.

- Place your hands on your upper thighs while resting your upper body weight on your arms.

- Stick your buttocks out just enough to flatten your back.

- Inhale, and then as you exhale pull your pubic bone toward your navel, pointingrepparttar 139869 tailbone downward.

- Repeat to a flat back position.

Head Lifts Consider this exercise a sort of ‘mini’ crunch that you can try if your abdomen is still healing fromrepparttar 139870 trauma of birth.

- Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat onrepparttar 139871 floor.

- Be sure your back is pressed torepparttar 139872 floor.

- Lift your head offrepparttar 139873 floor and bring your chin toward your chest.

- Hold this position and then return to start.

Seated Lat Rows This exercise actually works to tonerepparttar 139874 upper arms and back. It is important that you establish balance in your exercise routine. By working out your back muscles in particular, you’ll provide extra support for your abdomen. For this exercise you’ll need either two light dumbbells or milk containers filled with water.

- Sit onrepparttar 139875 edge of a chair.

- Bend knees and keep feet flat on floor.

- Place dumbbells or milk cartons by your feet.

- Bend forward and bring your chest to your thighs, while keeping your back flat.

- Hold one milk carton or dumbbell in each hand, allowing arms to hang down with palms facing one another.

- Bend your elbows and bring them up toward your shoulders.

Straighten arms, repeat 5-10 times.

Push – Ups Push ups can be done at any time, even duringrepparttar 139876 first couple of weeks if you are feeling strong enough. Push ups are a great way to help strengthen your upper body, which will need to be strong to carry baby around.

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Exercises For Mom And Baby

Written by Beverley Brooke

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- Lie onrepparttar floor with knees bent and feet flat.

- Place baby comfortably in a lying or sitting position across your tummy or chest.

- Slowly and gently lift your body upwards towardrepparttar 139862 ceiling.

- Repeat.

Remember to take abdominal exercises slowly. Also avoid using your neck and concentrate on using your abdominals when raising your body torepparttar 139863 ceiling.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be holding your baby to benefit from exercising together. Many babies will enjoy simply being close to mom as she works out. For this reason it may make sense for you to invest in a work out video or two that you can do while watching your little one.

Baby Lunges Baby lunges will also help tone your lower body. You can do these while in front ofrepparttar 139864 television or while dancing to some music.

- Place your baby against your chest while standing up straight, preferably in an infant carrier.

- Stand with your feet three to four inches apart, and you hands on your hips.

- Keep abdomen tight to support your back.

- Starting withrepparttar 139865 right leg, take a large step forward. Your toes and your knee should be pointed directly in front of your body.

- Bendrepparttar 139866 right knee slightly with your foot onrepparttar 139867 floor. Your left heel should raise slightly.

- Lower your body straight down from this position. Your front knee should be overrepparttar 139868 ankle.

- Lower your body until your pelvis is in line with your front knee.

- Raise your body again and bring your left leg in to return torepparttar 139869 standing position.

- Repeat with opposite leg.

Another great way to exercise is to strap baby in an infant carrier and go for a walk. Even better, pop in your favorite CD and dance aroundrepparttar 139870 house a little bit (be very careful about dancing however if your baby has a full tummy, she is likely to spit up on you)!

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