Postpartum Depression - Recognizing The Signs

Written by Cassandra Germsheid

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Suffering from postpartum depression can be life changing. But you need to realize that it is not your fault. You aren't alone in this. Even Brooke Shields had postpartum depression, and she has written a book about it. Things will get better. And until they do, there are many different support systems - friends, family, doctors and nurses, peer groups, counsellors, and hotlines.

Postpartum depression can be mild, moderate, or severe - so talk to your doctor to determine what type of treatment is best for you.

Cassandra Germsheid is the owner of Baby Tips Online ( She is a stay at home mother but sometimes works part time for her local newspaper.

Dare to Dream

Written by Deepshikha Mohapatro

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Now if you are thinking I got married to a rich man then you are wrong. I married someone who also loved to dream and we worked together being each others strength and life changed it became beautiful and with each day it turns more beautiful, even with itís little upís and downs.

No matter who you are wherever you are from donít stop dreaming. It is a beautiful part of life. Dream and believe in your dreams. Reach out for them; they are waiting to be yours.

I am a freelance writer from India.

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