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Once every month or two, take half an hour, sit down with a cup of tea or coffee – maybe a piece of chocolate - and go through your Possibilities. Make it a fun, pleasant activity. Add to them, move them around, combine them, toss them. You don't have to act on anything. Just appreciate your fertile mind and enjoy your ideas.

A couple of things result from this approach. First, you no longer need to worry that your idea forrepparttar world's most useful kitchen gadget orrepparttar 136271 Great American Novel is going to evaporate. Next, by going over your Possibilities regularly, you develop appreciation and respect for your creativity. It takes awayrepparttar 136272 fear of creative block; if you can't think of something, go to your Possibilities file. Even if none of those ideas work, they will likely stimulate something else. Your great ideas will benefit, too, from a period of incubation and occasional re-working. (You will probably discover that some of those great ideas would benefit from a visit torepparttar 136273 recycle bin. But better to discover that before you start, rather than later.)

So don’t let those great ideas distract you fromrepparttar 136274 ones you’re working on, but don’t let them go to waste, either. Use your Possibilities File to keep them available untilrepparttar 136275 time is right.

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A Secret and A Formula For Success

Written by Ginny Dye

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But making money wasn’t A.P.’s sole measurement of success. He believed in making other people's dreams come true, too. He helpedrepparttar California Wine Industry get started. He bankrolled Hollywood when they were trying to make movies popular. When Walt Disney ran $2 million dollars over budget on Snow White, he stepped in with a loan.

A.P.'s story exemplifiesrepparttar 136217 secret to success -- a strong vision andrepparttar 136218 will to overcome obstacles thrown your way.

OK, I Gave Away The Secret -- Now Here's The Formula

Integrity combined with "giving back" isrepparttar 136219 formula for success. This was A.P.’s success formula. What began in 1904 asrepparttar 136220 Bank of Italy is nowrepparttar 136221 Bank of America –repparttar 136222 world's largest bank. And what about A.P.? Did he die a billionaire?

When he passed away at age 79, A.P.’s estate was worth less than $500,000. This was purely by choice. A.P. looked down on great wealth. He believed it would make him lose touch withrepparttar 136223 people he wanted to serve. He worked without pay for years. One year he was given a surprise $1.5 million bonus and promptly gave it torepparttar 136224 University of California.

It's a winning formula -- integrity plus "giving back."

There’s One More Thing…

By every standard, Amadeo Peter Giannini was a success. But his true measure of success was making a difference every day of his life.

I hope that will be your measuring stick as well. To achieve success, you’ve got to have a strong vision, andrepparttar 136225 will to overcomerepparttar 136226 obstacles that will come your way permeated with integrity. Add to that giving back to your community and you’ll be successful indeed!

The story used in this article is taken from Daily Secrets For Success. You can receive fr~ee motivational stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things by going to: http://www.FreeDSFS.com. Ginny Dye is the author of 18 books and owner of two other online companies also designed to inspire and give back to the world: Shop For Charity Day.com and Together We Can Change The World.com. She can be contacted at FreeDSFS.com

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