Positive Self Talk - What Is It?

Written by Steve Gillman

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"This is fun for now."

"Well, THAT went okay, I guess."

Positive Self Talk

When positive people explain bad things, they externalize them ("The weather caused it."), consider them temporary ("That was a rough couple hours."), and see them as isolated ("THAT part ofrepparttar plan didn't work, but..."). When they explain good things, they internalize them ("Life is great!"), consider them to be more or less permanent changes ("Now I know how to do this."), and generalize from them ("Things are working out well.").

"That just went bad due torepparttar 149549 weather."

"It was rough for an hour or two."

"The car broke down, butrepparttar 149550 trip was fun."

"I've done well with this."

"This has become a great business to be in."

"I likerepparttar 149551 way things are going."

Explain things to yourself differently, and you'll see a difference in your attitude today. Make positive self talk your normal mode of operation, and you'll see a difference in your life.

Steve Gillman writes on many topics including brainpower, weight loss, meditation, habits of mind, creative problem solving, generating luck and anything related to self improvement. Learn more and get FREE e-courses at http://www.SelfImprovementNow.com

Are you Creative?

Written by Amyn Lalji

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individuals (do this idea juggling, even when many of them seem ridiculous to others) because they develop a strong belief in their own selves. They are confident and haverepparttar ability to go on and on with their ideas whilst others would stop at a point when they hit a wall or seem to arrive near an expected result. Due to their strong belief in their own abilities and their own self, creative individuals learn to express themselves both emotionally and intellectually. One ofrepparttar 149495 most astounding aspects of creative individuals is their paradoxical nature. On one hand they are quite imaginative, and think or talk about conditions and notions that are unrealistic, but onrepparttar 149496 other they develop realistic approaches to whatever they think or do. This paradoxical nature of creative people is what makes them different fromrepparttar 149497 rest ofrepparttar 149498 lot. However, I personally believe that in spite of all these attributes that differentiate a creative individual fromrepparttar 149499 majority, they are too constraining in defining a truly creative person. Creativity is not an end in itself but a means towards an end. It is what makes you a better person and steers you towards what is important in your life as an individual. So creativity is nothing, it is “the culminating point of beauty, transformation, play andrepparttar 149500 act of being present.”

Think over it!

Creativity is the central topic of Amyn Lalji’s new book “Bumped into the Wall – A Tool for Unblocking your Creativity and Releasing Your Creative Spirit” published in 2005. You can download an e-copy of his book at www.youperform.com. Amyn Lalji is a Creativity and Leadership Coach. He helps individuals and organisations unblock their creative spirit and create fulfilling lives.

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