Positive Energy Sources

Written by Myrtis Smith

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push to make it throughrepparttar day. But using negative energy sources will take its toll on your body and mind, often leaving you feeling worse than you started. Sorepparttar 123959 next time you find yourself in a mid-afternoon slump, try one of repparttar 123960 sources below for an energy boost instead of reaching for that candy bar or cup of coffee.

1. Exercise 2. Sleep 3. Children (their laughter is contagious) 4. Motivational books or tapes 5. Food (the nutrient rich type, notrepparttar 123961 caffeine or sugar laden type) 6. Positive people 7. Successful people (who also are often positive people) 8. Pets 9. Music 10. Meditation

Myrtis Smith is a personal coach. She gets people to stop hating thier jobs. To see how she might be able to help you, sign up for her free newsletter (Change Now!) or visit her on the web at www.premeditatedlife.com .......because life doesn't just happen!

Me - A Gold Medalist In Life?

Written by David Stoddard

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Before we go too far "out of our way" to meet these needs, we need to see how each affects us. Do we drive our mother-in-law around to go shopping every time she wants us to? Do we continue to do "extra" things for our boss just because we are good and "can" do it?

Like so much, it all depends. Butrepparttar criteria of deciding should be based onrepparttar 123958 overall importance we place on them. Should you dorepparttar 123959 extra things, yes - at times. Should you drive mom around from time to time - sure. Should you do it allrepparttar 123960 time? Only if that is what YOU feel is most important to YOU.

Life is a sport we all take part in. It is not for spectators. It is a game we all get to judge for ourselves. It is, inrepparttar 123961 end, an individual sport made up of millions of individual events. It is also a team sport where by assisting others, we all can win. It is great to help others to go for their own gold, but never to sacrifice our own.

There are plenty of gold medals to go around. So get up there, stand onrepparttar 123962 podium and accept yours

David is an inspirational writer in St. Louis. Visit his home on the web, pick up his new e-booklet "In Search Of Ourselves" and sign up for his weekly motivational newsletter. It all can be done at http://www.djstoddard.net.

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