Positive Aikido the Book

Written by Henry Ellis

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The agent and publishers we first contacted agreed, butrepparttar material was still fairly rough. More photos were shot and extensive digital work was done on them to clarify technique. Additional sections were added to describe combat strategy andrepparttar 144923 philosophy behind "Positive Aikido". Sections on ethics and morals withinrepparttar 144924 arts were developed along with material dealing withrepparttar 144925 selection of a martial art for beginners, and of course,repparttar 144926 history section was strengthened and sharpened.

Lastly, a complete re-organisation ofrepparttar 144927 material was accomplished with an addition of a section on pins and control and weapons (jo and sword). The finished work is comprised of more than 1000 photos, 600 hand-drawings and complex explanations and tips to makerepparttar 144928 techniques of Aikido work properly. It includes detailed writing onrepparttar 144929 "Positive" mindset as well as complete sections geared to beginners, intermediate students and advanced practitioners.

Although several traditional publishers expressed interest in printingrepparttar 144930 book, and initial negotiations were entered into with one California-based company,repparttar 144931 advent of "print-on-demand" technology andrepparttar 144932 resulting new publishing market, made for a better alternative.

Of this book as it stands now,repparttar 144933 authors say this - "There are a lot of books on Martial Arts out there, and this one fits intorepparttar 144934 crowd well - but it also stands alone inrepparttar 144935 sheer comprehensiveness ofrepparttar 144936 work. It is a nearly complete representation of a single school's technique - it is a historical marker - a book of strategy - an ethical guide - a technical manual - and it is a chart, graph and manifest of allrepparttar 144937 things which make martial artists as a whole stand together as sisters and brothers withrepparttar 144938 same warrior spirit."

This letter of recommendation is from William (Bill) Woods Sensei. Sensei Woods was inrepparttar 144939 1950's and 60's Aide and personal secretary to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. At that time Sensei Woods was consideredrepparttar 144940 most influential and powerful figure in British Martial Arts. In 1955 he wasrepparttar 144941 British Judo Champion. He wasrepparttar 144942 first person to be graded by Abbe Sensei to 1st dan in Kendo, holding certificate No 1, he was a key figure inrepparttar 144943 creation ofrepparttar 144944 British Judo Council ( BJC ) andrepparttar 144945 International Budo Council ( IBC ). There are too many credits torepparttar 144946 name of Sensei Woods to be listed here. I am very proud to have known Sensei Woods for almost 50 years. signed: Henry Ellis.

The new book is published by Trafford Publishing and avaIlable from all good book shops and online with Amazon, priced around $18.95 or £10.00. 156 pages : ISBN number 1-4120-4668-8.

The Positive Aikido book can be ordered inrepparttar 144947 UK through Trafford Publishing www.Trafford.com. Phone your order to Trafford UK Tel: 01270 251396, or from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. By: Henry Ellis http://www.EllisAikido.org http://www.geocities.com/britishaikido

Henry Ellis a direct student of the legendary master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957. Ellis was one of the first of eight black belts for Aikido in Britain in the 1950's.

The Power Of Combining Golf Swing Basics With Exercise

Written by Mike Pedersen

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However a quick word of caution. Participating inrepparttar wrong strength training exercise programs can damage a golfer instead of improving their game.

My work with junior golfers has practically proved something to me beyond any reasonable doubt. And that isrepparttar 144828 fact that training inrepparttar 144829 correct golf swing basics atrepparttar 144830 same time that somebody is doingrepparttar 144831 right golf-specific exercises, is a very powerful way of developing and improving anybody’s game.

Without exerciserepparttar 144832 best training inrepparttar 144833 world on golf swing basics will have NO impact at all.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new golf fitness site at Perform Better Golf.

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