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Written by John Thomas

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India has onerepparttar oldest film industries inrepparttar 132167 world. The first Indian feature film, Raja Harishchandra directed by Dadasaheb Phalke (3700 feet long), was released in 1913. Indian film industry isrepparttar 132168 biggest film industries inrepparttar 132169 world producing around 800 movies annually. A reasonably budgeted Indian movie could cost US$ 1 million. Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali and Malayalam arerepparttar 132170 languages producing large number of movies reflectingrepparttar 132171 cultural diversity ofrepparttar 132172 Indian film industry. Most ofrepparttar 132173 Indian movies are based on family, romance, comedy, action, patriotism and religion.

Indianmantra.com is focused on revealing & sharing life style & community bounding of NRIs living in USA & Canada. The culture &repparttar 132174 people with multiple languages all are featured here. Explore www.indianmantra.com for a rich global Indian community experience including Indian culture, festivals, cuisine, movies, classifieds and more.

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Looking through Terri Schiavo’s Eyes

Written by RobinRenee Bridges

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We all understandrepparttar difference between being humane and artificially extending life. When Terri’s lungs stop functioning, it will be because her soul has shut them down. When she stops metabolizing food and water, it will be because her soul has shut down her digestive system.

The Sanctuary teaches thatrepparttar 132166 soul isrepparttar 132167 “living” part of us. The physical body is just a temporary chemistry and physics lab. Whenrepparttar 132168 soul detaches,repparttar 132169 body dies. The soul is not “inside”repparttar 132170 body. It interfaces withrepparttar 132171 body atrepparttar 132172 autonomic nervous system.

The soul isrepparttar 132173 source of all our thoughts, comprehension, imagination, and memories. (Neuroscientists have recently discovered that those are not inrepparttar 132174 brain. They’re still trying to figure it out.) Terri,repparttar 132175 living, thinking, remembering part of her (her soul) is not horrified withrepparttar 132176 condition of her body. It’s not important to her anymore. What is important to her isrepparttar 132177 spiritual growth that can come out ofrepparttar 132178 furor going on all around her.

And she’s praying for us.

Copyright 2005 RobinRenee Bridges

RobinRenee Bridges has been a chaplain and officer in The Sanctuary for more than thirty years. She is the author of “A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife.” For more articles about death, dying, and the afterlife visit her web site at: http://www.spirit-sanctuary.org

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